Labyrinth of the Psychonaut Video Collection [42 DVDRip FLV File]

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Name:Labyrinth of the Psychonaut Video Collection [42 DVDRip FLV File]

Total Size: 943.80 MB

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Torrent added: 2009-09-02 03:26:08

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01 - Hollow Earth, Agartha, DNA, Serpent Magnetism.flv (Size: 943.80 MB) (Files: 42)

 01 - Hollow Earth, Agartha, DNA, Serpent Magnetism.flv

22.02 MB

 02 - Bloodlines, Mars, Tom Cruise, Star Wars, and the Black Pope.flv

22.57 MB

 03 - Epcot, Mirrors, Sam Neill, and The Gates of Hell.flv

23.33 MB

 04 - Coven Swapping, 007, Nicholas Cage, and the King of Pop.flv

23.20 MB

 05 - The Phoenix, The Jinn, and The Manchurian Candidate.flv

23.35 MB

 06 - Fear and Loathing, 777, and the Tree of Life.flv

23.22 MB

 07 - The Labyrinth, The Rainbow, and Defiling the Sacred Feminine.flv

23.26 MB

 08 - Project Lucifer, The Silver Surfer, and The Second Sun.flv

23.14 MB

 09 - Exodus, The Temple of Set, and The Pyramid of Darkness.flv

23.11 MB

 10 - The Tesseract, Transformers, and The Cosmic Christ.flv

23.28 MB

 11 - Icarus, The Nexus, and The Artificial Moon.flv

23.20 MB

 12 - Cymatics, Fractals, and The Spirit Molecule.flv

23.17 MB

 13 - Pi, Pythagoras, and The Philosopher's Stone.flv

23.16 MB

 14 - Sigils, Magick, and The Ancient Alien Torah.flv

23.04 MB

 15 - Bridge Terrorism, Conformity, and The 11th of September.flv

23.09 MB

 16 - Spontaneous DNA, The Rapture, and The Rise to Fourth Density.flv

23.12 MB

 17 - Galactic Alignment, Floyd, and The Hyperdimensional Bees.flv

23.14 MB

 18 - Zeppelin, Merovingians, and The Leap From the Lion's Mouth.flv

23.21 MB

 19 - The Violet, Vishnu, Venus, Vixen, Vortex.flv

23.18 MB

 20 - Oblivion Gate, Macabre Alice, and the Great Beast 666.flv

23.21 MB

 21 - Ophiuchus, The Burning Tower, and The Doppelgänger Universe.flv

23.23 MB

 22 - Tesla, The Black Cat, and The Doors of Perception.flv

23.09 MB

 23 - Amanita Santa, Oz, and The Owl of Babylon.flv

23.15 MB

 24 - The Montauk Project, Osiris, and The Rendezvous with Rama.flv

23.26 MB

 25 - Hyperborea, The Pineal Gland, and The Spear of Destiny.flv

23.25 MB

 26 - Cosmic Keys, Archaic Man, and The ShapeShifting Lizard Kings.flv

23.19 MB

 27 - Cthulhu Rising, Ursa Major, and The Golden Compass.flv

23.18 MB

 28 - Ouroboros, CERN, and A Trip Through the Water Door.flv

23.35 MB

 29 - The Holographic Universe.flv

2.75 MB

 30 - Southland Tales, Sri Yantra, and the Butterfly Effect Pt. 1.flv

23.01 MB

 31 - Southland Tales, Sri Yantra, and the Butterfly Effect Pt. 2.flv

23.12 MB

 32 - Southland Tales, Sri Yantra, and the Butterfly Effect Pt. 3.flv

23.27 MB

 33 - Labyrinth of the Psychonaut Merchandise.flv

12.03 MB

 34 - Time Tree Echos, Equilibrium, and The Obama AntiChrist Pt.1.flv

23.62 MB

 35 - Time Tree Echos, Equilibrium, and The Obama AntiChrist Pt.2.flv

23.52 MB

 36 - Ancestral Recall, Akashic Access, and The Age of Aquarius.flv

23.68 MB

 37 - The Silver Cord, The Womb, and the Revolution of Resonance.flv

23.50 MB

 38 - Masquerade Infernale, The Hanged Man, and The Loom of Fate.flv

23.50 MB

 39 - Decapitated Heads, 888, and The Serpent of the Crossing.flv

23.52 MB

 40 - Pandora's Box, Sobek, and The Gateway to Shangri-La.flv

23.51 MB

 41 - Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and The Amnesiac Godhead.flv

23.49 MB

 42 - Babylon A.D, Jericho, and the Last Zion.flv

23.57 MB

Announce URL: http://www.theoccult.bz:3010/00000000000000000000000000000000/announce

Torrent description

This torrent was uploaded from www.TheOccult.bz (signup is open and free) - the home of everything Esoteric

Synchromysticism: The vast and noble undertaking of piecing together the occult holographic language system of the universe, in order to identify and more aptly understand the relationship between the collective consciousness of all sentient beings on Earth and beyond: using Astrology, Symbolism in Pop Culture, Psychedelic Analysis, Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, Time Echos, Quantum Superposition, Music, and the Vast River of Akashic Gnosis pouring from a galactic heart beat oscillation, which is possibly an organic intelligence that is both moving through us and separate from us.

"We are the Fractalated Tendrils of Reality, Forever Undulating Towards the Realm of Evolution and Great Mystery"

"Movie Stars are as below resonators of the skies above. Their Earthly movements through the silver screen reflect the drama told by the heavens. It is therefore no surprise that Synchromysticism increasingly finds these Stars aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center." ~ Jake Kotze


Examples of the other materials available at www.TheOccult.bz:

Alchemy: Manfred M. Junius - Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy. Frater Albertus - Alchemist's Handbook. Jean Dubuis - Spagyrics

Astrology: Rosicrucian Fellowship - Astrology Course, Donna Cuningham - Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation, Judith Bennett, Evangeline Adams - Astrology Your Place among the Stars

Buddhism: Dalai Lama - The Art of Happiness, Jan Westerhoff - Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka: A Philosophical Investigation, Taigen D. Leighton - Visions of Awakening Space and Time: Dogen and the Lotus Sutra, Bernard Faure - The Red Thread

Chaos Magic: Peter Carrol - Cthonos Rite, Phil Hine - Prime Chaos, David Michael Cunningham - Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation

Entheogens: Timothy Leary - The Delicious Grace Of Moving One's Hand, Mia Touw - The Religious and Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in China, India and Tibet, Terence McKenna - Alien Dreamtime, Philip H. Farber - Magick and Entheogens

Fourth Way: G.I. Gurdjieff - Beelzebubs Tales to His Grandson, P. D. Ouspensky - Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, Keith Jarrett - Sacred Hymns of G.I. Gurdjieff

Grimoires: Abraham von Worms - The Book Of Abramelin, Andrew Chumbley - One - The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Various Authors - A Picatrix Miscellany

Golden Dawn: Pat & Chris Zalewski - The Magical Tarot of The Golden Dawn, Pat Zalewski - Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero - Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition, Israel Regardie - The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic

Hinduism: Swami Vivekananda - Complete Works, John Dowson - A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology, T.S Ranganathan - See, Learn & Perform Sandhyavandanam

Qabalah: Kabballah Denning & Phillips - Entrance to the Magical Qabalah, Lon Milo Duquette- Qabalah for the Rest of Us, William Gray - Ladder of Lights

Lucid Dreams / Astral Projection: Tony Crisp - Lucid Dreaming, S. Laberge - A Course in Lucid Dreaming, Robert Monroe - Techniques for Astral Projection, Robert Bruce - Astral Dynamics

Rosicrucianism: Paul Foster Case - The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, Frances Yates - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, Jennings Hargrave - The Rosicrucians

Satanism / Left-Hand Path: Michael A. Aquino - Temple Of Set, ONA - Naos: A Practical Guide to Modern Magick, Fraternitas Loki - Satan is Dead, Anton Szandor LaVey - The Satanic Mass

Tarot: Paul Foster Case - Tarot Fundamentals, Lon Milo DuQuette - Tarot Kabbalah & Oracles, P.D. Ouspensky - The Symbolism of the Tarot

Thelema: Theodor Reuss & Aleister Crowley - OTO Rituals & Magick, James Eschelman - The Mystical & Magical System of the A.'.A.'., The Equinox

Wicca: Rose Ariadne - Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft, Cassadnra Eason - A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick Spells, Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Yoga / Tantra: David Gordon White - Kiss of the Yogini, Swami Janakananda - Experience Yoga Nidra, David Coulter - Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

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