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Total Size: 45.69 MB

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Stream: Watch Online @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-09-01 22:50:55

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!Samples (Size: 45.14 MB) (Files: 230)


  ffVII 1 before.jpg

156.62 KB

  ffVII 1 after.jpg

154.76 KB

  ffVII 1 after2.jpg

154.59 KB

  ffVII 2 before.jpg

32.78 KB

  ffVII 2 after.jpg

33.91 KB

  ffVII 3 before.jpg

163.33 KB

  ffVII 3 after.jpg

163.59 KB

  ffVII 3 after2.jpg

164.18 KB

  ffVII 4 before.jpg

140.59 KB

  ffVII 4 after.jpg

112.47 KB

  ffVII 5 before.jpg

121.89 KB

  ffVII 5 after.jpg

88.15 KB

  ffVII 6 before.jpg

145.39 KB

  ffVII 6 after.jpg

127.90 KB

  ffVII 7 before.jpg

159.62 KB

  ffVII 7 after.jpg

147.32 KB

  ffVII 8 before.jpg

155.42 KB

  ffVII 8 after.jpg

140.73 KB


159.24 KB


188.68 KB


175.10 KB


240.42 KB


150.33 KB


169.20 KB


216.18 KB


227.22 KB

 1. ff7 v1.02 official patch


437.50 KB


5.61 MB


2.28 MB


2.28 MB


2.28 MB

 2. The SaiNt's High Res FF7PC Patch v1.00


3.15 KB


12.50 KB


42.00 KB


201.77 KB


212.30 KB


74.15 KB


177.29 KB


346.71 KB

 3. YAMP - Yet Another Multi-Patcher by dziugo


3.71 KB


43.36 KB


1.15 KB


48.79 KB


0.50 KB


1.67 KB


0.48 KB


161.12 KB


57.30 KB


2.72 KB



2.42 KB


3.33 KB


2.27 KB


1.21 KB


0.41 KB


1.92 KB


1.10 KB


2.46 KB


0.13 KB


0.90 KB


0.07 KB


0.90 KB


0.05 KB


0.90 KB


56.58 KB

 5.a) FF7PC Hand Patch mod v01.6 by Srethron Askvelhtnod


200.12 KB


260.47 KB


195.52 KB


144.99 KB


316.60 KB

  ffVII 1 before.jpg

156.62 KB

  ffVII 1 after.jpg

154.76 KB

  ffVII 2 before.jpg

163.33 KB

  ffVII 2 after.jpg

163.59 KB


232.00 KB


61.50 KB


837.07 KB


7.69 KB


12.81 KB


385.00 KB


126.00 KB


53.50 KB

 5.b) NPC Reconstruction Project for FF7PC 0.6 mod by Borde+ice_cold513+Stormmedia


67.21 KB

  NPC RP v0.6.exe

9.65 MB

  NPC Readme.txt

4.42 KB


113.90 KB

  ffVII 1 after2.jpg

154.59 KB

  ffVII 2 after2.jpg

164.18 KB


232.00 KB


61.50 KB


385.00 KB


214.25 KB


159.24 KB


188.68 KB


175.10 KB


240.42 KB


150.33 KB


169.20 KB


216.18 KB


227.22 KB


98.82 KB

 6. New Spell Patch by zero88

  New Spell Patch readme.txt

1.81 KB




14.35 KB

 7. Advent Avatars mod by Wuz


181.61 KB


193.12 KB


0.98 KB

  ffVII 7 after.jpg

140.73 KB


61.50 KB


30.02 KB

 8.1 ff7music by ficedula



20.18 KB


225.00 KB


232.00 KB


61.50 KB


301.00 KB


297.00 KB



980.00 KB


65.31 KB


2.47 MB


287.35 KB


921.25 KB


344.00 KB


13.50 KB


0.42 KB


    101 Prelude.minipsf

1.34 KB

    102 Bombing Mission.minipsf

2.12 KB

    102 Opening - Bombing Mission.minipsf

2.87 KB

    103 Mako Reactor.minipsf

1.31 KB

    104 Anxious Heart.minipsf

1.15 KB

    105 Tifa's Theme.minipsf

1.32 KB

    106 Barret's Theme.minipsf

1.23 KB

    107 Hurry!.minipsf

1.35 KB

    108 Lurking in the Darkness.minipsf

1.08 KB

    109 ShinRa Corporation.minipsf

1.06 KB

    110 Fighting.minipsf

2.01 KB

    111 Fanfare.minipsf

1.04 KB

    112 Flowers Blooming in the Church.minipsf

1.06 KB

    113 Turk's Theme.minipsf

0.89 KB

    114 Underneath the Rotting Pizza.minipsf

1.20 KB

    115 Oppressed People.minipsf

1.09 KB

    116 Honeybee Manor.minipsf

1.28 KB

    117 Who Are You.minipsf

0.54 KB

    118 Don of the Slums.minipsf

1.16 KB

    119 Infiltrating ShinRa Tower.minipsf

0.83 KB

    120 Still More Fighting.minipsf

2.36 KB

    121 Red XIII's Theme.minipsf

0.98 KB

    122 Crazy Motorcycle.minipsf

1.54 KB

    123 Holding My Thoughts In My Heart.minipsf

1.21 KB

    201 FF VII Main Theme.minipsf

3.27 KB

    202 Ahead on Our Way.minipsf

1.18 KB

    203 Good Night, Until Tomorrow.minipsf

0.68 KB

    204 On That Day, 5 Years Ago.minipsf

1.17 KB

    205 Farm Boy.minipsf

1.10 KB

    206 Waltz de Chocobo.minipsf

0.95 KB

    207 Electric de Chocobo.minipsf

1.70 KB

    208 Cinco de Chocobo.minipsf

1.64 KB

    209 Chasing the Black-Caped Man.minipsf

1.38 KB

    210 Fortress of the Condor.minipsf

1.75 KB

    211 Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony.minipsf

1.36 KB

    212 It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It.minipsf

1.42 KB

    213 Trail of Blood.minipsf

1.12 KB

    214 J-E-N-O-V-A.minipsf

1.84 KB

    215 Continue.minipsf

1.19 KB

    216 Costa del Sol.minipsf

1.06 KB

    217 Mark of the Traitor.minipsf

0.79 KB

    218 Mining Town.minipsf

0.84 KB

    219 Gold Saucer.minipsf

1.04 KB

    220 Cait Sith's Theme.minipsf

1.46 KB

    221 Sandy Badlands.minipsf

1.01 KB

    301 Cosmo Canyon.minipsf

1.43 KB

    302 Life Stream.minipsf

1.08 KB

    303 Great Warrior.minipsf

1.20 KB

    304 Descendant of Shinobi.minipsf

1.14 KB

    305 Those Chosen by the Planet.minipsf

0.93 KB

    306 The Nightmare's Beginning.minipsf

0.78 KB

    307 Cid's Theme.minipsf

1.10 KB

    308 Steal the Tiny Bronco!.minipsf

1.48 KB

    309 Wutai.minipsf

1.17 KB

    310 Stolen Materia.minipsf

0.72 KB

    311 Racing Chocobos.minipsf

0.96 KB

    312 Fiddle de Chocobo.minipsf

1.62 KB

    313 A Great Success.minipsf

0.60 KB

    314 Tango of Tears.minipsf

0.78 KB

    315 Debut.minipsf

0.87 KB

    316 Interrupted by Fireworks.minipsf

1.06 KB

    317 Forest Temple.minipsf

1.13 KB

    318 You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet.minipsf

1.00 KB

    319 Aerith's Theme.minipsf

1.55 KB

    320 Buried in the Snow.minipsf

1.12 KB

    321 The Great Northern Cave.minipsf

1.04 KB

    322 Reunion.minipsf

1.57 KB

    323 Who Am I.minipsf

0.87 KB

    401 ShinRa Army Wages a Full-Scale Attack.minipsf

1.70 KB

    402 Weapon Raid.minipsf

1.45 KB

    403 Highwind Takes to the Skies.minipsf

2.07 KB

    404 A Secret, Sleeping in the Deep Sea.minipsf

1.06 KB

    405 Parochial Town.minipsf

1.09 KB

    406 Off the Edge of Despair.minipsf

0.82 KB

    407 On the Other Side of the Mountain.minipsf

0.75 KB

    408 Hurry Faster!.minipsf

1.89 KB

    409 Sending a Dream Into the Universe.minipsf

1.00 KB

    410 The Countdown Begins.minipsf

1.25 KB

    411 If You Open Your Heart.minipsf

1.01 KB

    412 The Mako Cannon Fires.minipsf

0.81 KB

    413 Judgement Day.minipsf

1.49 KB

    414 Jenova Absolute.minipsf

1.54 KB

    415 The Birth of God.minipsf

2.05 KB

    416 A One-Winged Angel.minipsf

3.86 KB

    417 World Crisis.minipsf

4.76 KB

    418 Staff Roll.minipsf

4.00 KB

    901 unknown.minipsf

0.85 KB

    902 unknown.minipsf

0.64 KB

    903 Fanfare (alternate).minipsf

0.55 KB

    904 Sephiroth intro.minipsf

0.92 KB

    Final Fantasy 7.psflib

700.50 KB


1.28 KB

 8.2 ff7_lessdebug by Aali


1.82 KB


5.50 KB


0.06 KB


612.00 KB


2.20 KB

 Laptop Keypad patch


0.20 KB


0.29 KB

 Play as Sephiroth Patch beta by ice_cold513

  Limit to work


1.05 KB

  Sephiroth Patch.exe

2.46 MB


1.15 KB


128.98 KB


109.88 KB


131.24 KB


3.03 KB


47.51 KB

 Step-by-step instructions by miracle.flame.txt

27.98 KB


leech seeds

Torrent description


Remake of Final Fantasy 7 for PC on XP coming true...

1. ff7 v1.02 official patch
2. The SaiNt's High Res FF7PC Patch v1.00 (with integrated Jedwin's chocobo patch)
3. YAMP - Yet Another Multi-Patcher by dziugo
4. Higher quality Cloud mod by Dreakon
5.a) FF7PC Hand Patch mod v01.6 by Srethron Askvelhtnod
5.b) NPC Reconstruction Project for FF7PC 0.6 mod by Borde+ice_cold513+Stormmedia
6. New Spell Patch by zero88
7. Advent Avatars mod by Wuz
8.1 ff7music by ficedula (100% working as it is)
8.2 ff7_lessdebug by Aali (usable with ff7music)
Cosmo Canyon Observatory Freeze Solution
Laptop Keypad patch
Play as Sephiroth Patch beta by ice_cold513
Step-by-step instructions by miracle.flame.txt

1. enables to pass 8-bit palette textures test in config thus allowing to choose Direct3D hardware rendering of video
2. enables 1280x960 ingame resolution;possibility of antialiasing without graphical issues;integrated Jedwin's Chocobo racing patch which solves crashing on 2k/XP systems
3. - MiniGamesPatch - This program will enable a frame limiter for the Bike, Snowboarding and Rollercoaster Minigames and for battleswirl effect. It allows minigames to run at normal, manageable speeds on mid-to-high-end systems.
It ALSO helps to solve crashing issues that some people may experience with the snowboarding game.
This ALSO has integrated BattleSwirlFix which fixes an issue with FF7 crashing randomly when entering battles (mostly after Alt+Tabbing out of game and then returning)
- TransparentDialogBoxesPatch - Will make the big blue dialog boxes transparent.
- NoDialogBoxesPatch - Will make the dialog boxes vanish and only text appear (will overwrite the TransparentDialogBoxesPatch).
- 9999LimitBreakingPatch - Removes the 9999 limit for HP/MP/Damage in your FF7 allowing to go above this number. See screenshot and 9999LimitBreaking.txt.
- GyptInstant - Allows you to skip FMVs when playing FF7 by pressing a hotkey. Very useful when experiencing freezes and crashes during FMV sequences. See GyptInstant.txt.
- LuckyTifa - Tifa will always get "Yeah!" in her limit break. (cheat)
- LuckyCaitSith - Allows you to manipulate CaitSith's The Slots Limit Break. (cheat)
4. The better-looking Cloud model from the final battle replaces your normal battle Cloud. see samples
5. a) This adds normal hands to ingame characters. No more lego blocks. ))
b) This awesome mod completely replaces most of all childish lego characters for normal ones like in battlefields or in FF8
6. edits the spell names, giving them these: Fire - Fire, Fira, Firaga (originaly Fire1, Fire2, Fire3), Ice - Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga (originaly Ice1, Ice2, Ice3) etc.
7. replaces the menu character icons with Advent Children Style (taken from the movie)
8.1 allows you to put any music in your game replacing the midi music. In other words you can use Playstation files to play with original PS music or ANY MP3 you wish!!! Nice if you own OST of FF7 or FF7 Reunion tracks or FF7 Advent Children.
8.2 tries to fix music delays at switching scenes while using ff7music - prevents ff7music to flood its console with undesired debug info thus saving some cpu.
Laptop Keypad patch - patches the game to be playable without numpad (good for laptops)
Play as Sephiroth Patch beta by ice_cold513 - "With the patch you play as Sephiroth pursuing the Jenova infested Cloud across the world. (Instead of the other way around)"

Many fans don't even know there's more than the official patch for Final Fantasy 7.
I've spent several days collecting and getting them all to run.
You can have them now and thanks to my step-by-step instructions working in notime.
Most of them are taken from http://forums.qhimm.com/ so you can send a thank you PM to authors there :)
See samples to have an idea what's this about.

notes before installing:
- presumably not applicable on Ultima Edition of Final Fantasy VII
- you have to choose maximum installation of the game if you are about to apply mods
- don't install DirectX and Directshow components that the installation program offers (use latest DirectX)
- beware and avoid unofficial so-known Animevamp 1.4 XP patch which screws your system files.. for more details http://www.ff7-universe.com/Download.html or http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=1656.0
- follow this order of patching to avoid mutual incompatibility
- there are altogether cca 16 separate and individual patches so if you don't like certain modifications you can skip them and have the others
- Jedwin's Chocobo racing patch which solves crashing on 2k/XP systems is integrated in "2. The SaiNt's High Res FF7PC Patch v1.00" so if you want it separately look for it e.g. at http://www.ff7-universe.com/
- if you own non-english version of the game you have to follow TazDef's guide in patch #2 to apply 1280x960 patch and others maybe (not tested)
- download and install the latest drivers for your graphic card to avoid unexpectable problems
- game's FMV sequences are handled by TrueMotion codec and there are many infamous problems if you don't have it correctly installed (blank screen, upside down, cosmo canyon freeze or Junon cannon FMVs). Therefore I strongly recommend you get e.g. "K-lite codec pack" from e.g. http://www.free-codecs.com/ which has this and clean up your codec mess
- It's recommended to copy your FMVs to hard drive to avoid slowdowns, freezes and issues while reading movies from hard-to-read CDs. To do so copy "movies" directory from ff7 discs (some files repeat so overwrite) anywhere on your harddrive then regedit Windows registry and search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\ - there change "MoviePath" to where you put the movies. If you are lame use this guide http://www.ff7-universe.com/Downloads/FF7Movietweak.txt
- some of the projects are still under developement so check them all at the topic hyperlink stated under the name of each patch
- each patch has its own readme file with more detailed information
- if you have any problems getting some of these to work or experiencing strange issues seek help at the related topic that is shown under the name of every patch
- I take no responsibility for any unfortunate accident you may experience after using anything this torrent offers

For more FF related stuff also see:

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