Dr Alberto Villoldo The Power of Shamanic Healing [12 CDs MP3]

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Name:Dr Alberto Villoldo The Power of Shamanic Healing [12 CDs MP3]

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0101 Journeying Beyond Time and Present Paradigms.wma (Size: 473.46 MB) (Files: 102)

 0101 Journeying Beyond Time and Present Paradigms.wma

1.80 MB

 0102 Journeying Beyond Time and Present Paradigms.wma

6.18 MB

 0103 Journeying Beyond Time and Present Paradigms.wma

3.78 MB

 0104 Journeying Beyond Time and Present Paradigms.wma

9.36 MB

 0105 Journeying Beyond Time and Present Paradigms.wma

4.86 MB

 0106 A Comparison of the Methologies.wma

3.13 MB

 0107 A Comparison of the Methologies.wma

4.90 MB

 0108 A Comparison of the Methologies.wma

4.43 MB

 0109 A Comparison of the Methologies.wma

3.58 MB

 0110 A Comparison of the Methologies.wma

5.62 MB

 0201 The map to becoming whole.wma

7.32 MB

 0202 The medicine wheel as the map of transformation.wma

3.28 MB

 0204 The symbol of serpent in various traditions.wma

3.09 MB

 0206 Shamans are people of the precept.wma

3.92 MB

 0207 The shaman is fluent in the languge of energy.wma

0.99 MB

 0208 Working in the invisible world of energy.wma

4.43 MB

 0209 A description of the luminous energy field.wma

2.88 MB

 0210 An example of how imprints work.wma

4.17 MB

 0301 A return to the four levels.wma

2.43 MB

 0302 Don't understimate the power of imagery.wma

3.31 MB

 0303 The shaman can dance on the equal sign.wma

5.52 MB

 0304 The serpent is associated with the feminine.wma

3.59 MB

 0305 A student's experience with the serpent.wma

1.50 MB

 0306 Journeying beyond death with the jaguar.wma

4.72 MB

 0307 A shaman calls in the jaguar and brings the rain.wma

4.10 MB

 0308 The shaman exorcises death in the west.wma

5.36 MB

 0309 Stepping beyond anger and fear.wma

6.45 MB

 0310 Honoring our ancestors in the west.wma

6.60 MB

 0401 The hummingbird drinks from the nectar of life.wma

8.48 MB

 0402 The practice of consequence.wma

4.90 MB

 0403 The mastery of time in the north.wma

5.48 MB

 0404 All wisdom becomes available to you.wma

4.04 MB

 0405 An exercise in finding stillness through death.wma

3.72 MB

 0406 Breaking free of time, you can see the future.wma

2.27 MB

 0407 You become a lineage bearer in the north.wma

5.83 MB

 0408 Steve tracks forward and heals himself.wma

3.76 MB

 0409 The shaman is a tracker into the past and future.wma

2.20 MB

 0410 Rosemary's fascinating past is revealed.wma

3.59 MB

 0501 Looking at possiblities with the condor.wma

6.18 MB

 0502 An exercise in experiencing the eagle's perspective.wma

8.90 MB

 0503 An introduction to the medicine bundle.wma

5.82 MB

 0504 The mesa is a tool for healing.wma

7.94 MB

 0505 Alberto is transformed in a fire ceremony.wma

3.09 MB

 0506 Recovering the energy of a lost soul part.wma

2.94 MB

 0507 Healing a memory from WWII.wma

2.78 MB

 0508 Alberto's childhood experience of soul loss.wma

2.92 MB

 0509 The shaman's journey to the lower world.wma

6.02 MB

 0510 Exploring the chamber of passion.wma

2.78 MB

 0601 An overview of the soul retrieval journey.wma

5.05 MB

 0602 Wounding images seen in the chamber of contracts.wma

3.85 MB

 0605 Taking the soul retrieval journey to the lower world.wma

9.11 MB

 0606 The anatomy of the luminous energy field.wma

2.16 MB

 0607 Looking at the chakras' symbology and contents.wma

2.64 MB

 0608 Our chakras connect us to nature.wma

4.14 MB

 0609 The chakras energetically feed and sustain us.wma

1.77 MB

 0610 Clearing imprints from the energy field.wma

5.25 MB

 0701 The first chakra is associated with the Earth.wma

7.32 MB

 0702 The limbic brain drives the first and second chakras.wma

1.78 MB

 0703 The second chakra is associated with water.wma

3.75 MB

 0704 Decoupling the flight or fight response.wma

4.08 MB

 0705 The cold war as a second chakra dysfunction.wma

2.92 MB

 0706 Invoking the power of the third chakra.wma

7.00 MB

 0708 The fourth chakra and the immune system.wma

3.86 MB

 0709 Alberto learns about love and letting go.wma

3.93 MB

 0710 Practicing charity and selfless love.wma

1.72 MB

 0801 The element of the fifth chakra is light.wma

4.62 MB

 0802 Giving voice to the feelings of the heart.wma

3.19 MB

 0803 Healing moving from personal to transpersonal.wma

2.74 MB

 0804 The instinct of the sixth chakra is truth.wma

3.32 MB

 0805 The story of the shaman who prayed, 'rain'.wma

4.59 MB

 0806 Selflessness, integrity and wisdom rest in chakra seven.wma

8.03 MB

 0807 The eighth chakra resides outside the physical body.wma

4.76 MB

 0808 Invisibility is an attribute of the eighth chakra.wma

3.65 MB

 0809 The ninth chakra as the place where we dwell within God.wma

3.35 MB

 0810 An exercise in cleansing chakras.wma

3.16 MB

 0901 Practical training for western shamans.wma

2.67 MB

 0902 The illumination process clears imprints.wma

3.90 MB

 0903 Imprints contain information about life patterns.wma

6.50 MB

 0904 Draining the imprint from the chakra.wma

2.13 MB

 0905 Illuminations heal, but don't cure.wma

3.41 MB

 0906 Extracting energies that do not belong to us.wma

4.74 MB

 0907 Alberto experiences a healing extraction.wma

1.80 MB

 0908 Working with an intrusive energy.wma

4.42 MB

 0909 Polished crystals are used for extractions.wma

1.29 MB

 0910 Intrusive energies are very common.wma

5.35 MB

 1001 Witnessing the death of a wise, old shaman.wma

3.61 MB

 1002 A description of the two energy fields.wma

3.27 MB

 1003 Shamans are cartographers of the soul.wma

4.58 MB

 1004 Death rites that strip one of their ego self.wma

2.82 MB

 1005 The moment of liberation for the shaman.wma

3.35 MB

 1006 The three steps to the death rites.wma

4.60 MB

 1007 Granting the client permission to die.wma

2.18 MB

 1008 Disengaging the luminous body.wma

3.45 MB

 1009 You can hold sacred space for your loved ones.wma

2.17 MB

 1010 Closing sacred space.wma

7.20 MB

 1101 Morning Breathing Exercise.wma

27.34 MB

 1102 Breathing, Archetypes, and Bands of Power.wma

24.06 MB

 1201 The power animals are spirit helpers and allies.wma

1.53 MB

 1202 Our instinctual selves in the power animal.wma

3.66 MB

 1203 Discovering the power animal that is courting you.wma

694.28 KB

 1204 Taking the journey to meet your power animal.wma

13.33 MB

 1205 Finding the voice of your power animal.wma

2.74 MB

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Torrent description

This torrent was uploaded from www.TheOccult.bz (signup is open and free) - the home of everything Esoteric


CDs – 10 Compact Discs/2 Bonus Discs/Medicine Wheel (23800CD)

Medicine wheel NOT included in this torrent

Retail price: $139.95

For 10,000 years, the Andes and Amazon shamans have
been practicing and developing an extraordinarily
powerful, natural, and spiritual healing tradition.

Up until now, their healing practice - known as "Luminous Energy Healing" - was kept a secret among their own people. However, Dr. Alberto Villoldo traveled to the Andes and Amazon to learn more about their tradition - and became one of the few people from the West that the shamans chose to share their secrets with.

Now, in The Power of Shamanic Healing, Alberto is the bridge that brings you the same ancient Luminous Energy Healing practice of the shamans - so that you may heal from any ail-ments of a spiritual nature, prevent illness, and accelerate healing after surgery.

Western medicine may "cure" you - but it doesn't mean you're healed.

For example, if, due to illness, one of your organs is removed physically by your doctor, this doesn't mean you're healed. Alberto claims that the infected energy is still there and the illness will manifest in other ways. When you apply the shaman healing practice, you'll work with the Luminous Field of Energy (that surrounds everyone's physical body) - and clear energetic imprints (seen by the trained shaman eye) that cause illness. You'll also discover ancient shaman healing secrets for:

* Healing and awakening your "body of light" - using the philosophy of the
medicine wheel.
* Bringing balance to your body, your soul, and the Earth.
* Re-establishing your connection to nature.
* Identifying the presence of intrusive energy and removing it for greater
peace of mind.
* Breathing deeply for boosting energy, grounding yourself, and cleansing your lungs.
* Learning life lessons from your "power animal" - revealed to you in dreams and meditations, and throughout your day.
* Seeing life through the eyes of a shaman - and learning how to work with the Luminous Energy Field … and much more.

For much too long, SPIRIT has been left out of Western medicine. Now's your chance to bring SPIRIT back into your healing and live a longer, healthier life - through the shamans' ancient healing practice.


Examples of the other materials available at www.TheOccult.bz:

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Astrology: Rosicrucian Fellowship - Astrology Course, Donna Cuningham - Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation, Judith Bennett, Evangeline Adams - Astrology Your Place among the Stars

Buddhism: Dalai Lama - The Art of Happiness, Jan Westerhoff - Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka: A Philosophical Investigation, Taigen D. Leighton - Visions of Awakening Space and Time: Dogen and the Lotus Sutra, Bernard Faure - The Red Thread

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