Spanish Civil War, The (Six Part, BBC Documentary)

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Name:Spanish Civil War, The (Six Part, BBC Documentary)

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  Spanish Civil War songs

   01 Spor 01.mp3

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   03 Spor 03.mp3

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   12 Spor 12.mp3

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   A las Barricadas.mp3

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   A las mujeres.mp3

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   Arroja la bomba.mp3

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   Ballade der XI. Brigade.mp3

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   Bandiera rossa.mp3

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   Cancion De Bourg Madame.mp3

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   Das Batallion Edgar Andre.mp3

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   El Campesino.mp3

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   El Paso Del Ebro.mp3

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   El Pendon Morado.mp3

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   El Tragala.mp3

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   En el barranco del lobo.mp3

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   En el Pozo María Luisa.mp3

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   En la plaza de mi pueblo.mp3

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   España En Llamas.mp3

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   Hans Beimler.mp3

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   Hijos del Pueblo.mp3

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   Himno a Carlos Prestres.mp3

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   Himno de Riego.mp3

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   Himno guerrillero.mp3

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   Jarama Valley.mp3

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   La Guardia Rossa.mp3

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   La Internacional Anarquista.mp3

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   La Internacional Socialista.mp3

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   Las compañias de acero.mp3

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   Los Cuatro Generales.mp3

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   Milonga social del payador.mp3

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   No Pasaran (Leopoldo Gonzalez).mp3

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   No pasaran.mp3

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   On The Jarama Front.mp3

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1.48 MB

   Quartermaster Song.mp3

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   Sin pan.mp3

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   Somos Los Soldados Vascos.mp3

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   Song of the International Brigades.mp3

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   The Fifth Regiment.mp3

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   The Peat-Bog Soldiers.mp3

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   The Thaelmann Column.mp3

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   The Young Man from Alcala.mp3

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   United Front .mp3

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   Viva la FAI.mp3

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   Ya Sabes Mi Paradero.mp3

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  Workers' Power and the Spanish Revolution.pdf

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 Libertarian Socialist Revolution, The.txt

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 Spanish Civil War, The - Episode Guide.txt

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Torrent description

The Spanish Civil War
(complete six-part, BCC documentary)

Ripped by BobbaFett
Delivered to the Public by BloodLogic

Info Link:
[no info at IMDB or WIKI]

Quick Description: The story of the Spanish Anarchists of 1936, who succeeded in overthrowing the state, creating a free and mutual society, and engaging in the largest land collectivization project in human history. Also covers the downfall of the stateless society due to compromises, negotiations, and cooperation with the Soviet Union.

Scriptwriter: Neal Acherson/James Cameron
Production Company: Granada Television
Narrator: Frank Finlay
Director: John Blake
Country: UK
Year: 1983
Running time: 312 mins

Video File Specifications
Container: AVI
File Size: 699 MB
Video Codec: MPEG-1, Layer 3
Audio Codec: Xvid 1.1.2 Final
Resolution: 512x384
FPS/Frames Per Second: 25.00
Video Bitrate: 1765 kb/ps
Audio Bitrate: 102 kb/ps
FS: 48000Hz

VLC Player Compatible (version #: 0.8.6c): Tested and Confirmed

Part 1 of 6 - Prelude to Tragedy

Description: The origins of the Spanish Civil War.

Interviewees: Alvaro Delgado (Young Republican), Justino De Azcarate (Under-secretary of Justice), Narciso Julian (Socialist Worker), Timoteo Ruiz (Peasant's Son), Manuel Vazquez Guillen (Land Laborer), Felix Moreno De La Cova (Landowner), Jose Jevgara (Land Reform Official), Pilar Primo De Rivera, Marcel Giro (Catalan Autonomist), Manuel Diez Alegria (Army Officer), Frederica Montseny (Anarchist Leader), Socrates Gomez (Socialist Youth), Manuel Montequin (Asturian Miner), Dolores Ibarruri ('La Pasionaria,' Communist M.P.), Tomas Garicano Goni (Army Officer, Emissary for Mola), Ramon Serrano Suner (Franco's Brother-in-Law), Captain Bebb (Freelance Pilot), Alfredo Leon Lupion (Assault Guard Officer), Juan Manuel Molina (Anarchist Militant), Josep Tarradellas (Minister in Catalan Government).
People: King Alfonso the Thirteenth, Federico Lorca, General Francisco Franco, General José Sanjurjo, the CNT-FAI, Benito Mussolini and the Fascist Party, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany, José Calvo Sotelo, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, General Emilio Mola, Francisco Largo Caballero, Lieutenant José Castillo, Indalecio Prieto, Casares Quiroga.
Places: Belchite, Barcelona in Catalonia, Bilbao in the Basque Country, Andalusia, Astorias, Estremadura, Madrid, Pamplona in Navarre, Spanish Morocco.
Terms: Civil War, Democracy, Fascists and Fascism, Idealists and Idealism, the Second Spanish Republic, Military Coup, El Nina Bonita ("The Beautiful Girl"), Monarchists and Monarchy, Liberals and Liberalism, Dictatorship, Dictators, Agrarian and Working Class, Socialists and Socialism, Social and Land Reforms, Farm Laborers and Industrial Workers, Unemployment and Recession, Economic Exploitation and Wage Slavery, Poverty and Impoverishment, "Neither Property Nor God Nor Bosses," the Catholic Church, Riots, Protests, and Popular Uprisings, Fanaticism and Terrorism, Public Education, Catalan Autonomist Movement, Autonomy, Industrializing and Industrialization, the Right Wing and Rightists, the Left Wing and Leftists, Nationalism and National Unity, Anarchists and Anarchism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Revolutionary Syndicalism, Casas Viejas, Parliamentary System and Electoral Politics, Women's Suffrage, the General Strike, Overthrow of the State, the Asturias Uprising, the Popular Front, Land Seizures, Carlism and the Carlist Movement, the Spanish Foreign Legion, "the Dictatorship of the Proletariat," Assassinations and Political Extremism.

Part 2 of 6 - Revolution, Counter-Revolution & Terror

Description: How more than half the total death toll of 500,000 came not through battle but through murder, execution and massacre behind the lines.

Interviewees: Asuncion Martinez (Labourer's Daughter), Manuel Vazquez Guillen (Labourer (Socialist)), Frederico Escofet (Chief of Police of Barcelona), Eduardo de Guzman (Journalist (Anarchist)), Alvaro Delgado (Art Student (Republican)), Juan Crespo (Monarchist Militiaman), Emilio Bernuz (Anarchist Militiaman), Eduardo Pons Prades (Anarchist Youth), Willie Forrest (Daily Express Correspondent), Francisco Poyotas Lopez (Lawyer), Felix Moreno De La Cova (Landowner), Mario Neves (Portuguese Journalist), Teresa Villalobos (Republican Widow), Raimundo Fernandez Cuesta (Falange (Fascist)), Ramon Serrano Suner (Nationalist), Enrique Lister (Communist Commander), Willie Forrest (Journalist).
People: Francisco Franco, General Mola, Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, General Manuel Goded Llopis, Buenaventura Durruti, Federico Lorca, Juan Yagüe, Francisco Largo Caballero.
Places: Pamplona, Barcelona, Valladolid, Seville, Lora del Rio, Merida, Badajoz, Toledo, Valencia.
Terms: Ideology, Mass Graves and Mass Executions, the Spanish Colonial Army of Africa, Wealth Redistribution by the Workers, Nationalists and Nationalism, Republicans and Republicanism, Socialized Industry, Worker Takeovers, Safe and Healthy Working Conditions, Legalization of Abortion and Contraception, Collectivization of Society's Productive Forces, Investigation Committees of Political Parties, Atheists and Atheism, Marxists and Marxism, Liberals and Liberalism, "Jamas," Spontaneous and Authoritative Executions, Communists and Communism, Death by Firing Squad, the Badajoz Massacre.

Part 3 of 6 - Battleground for Idealists

Description: The international contribution to the war, from idealist volunteers on both sides to assistance for the Republicans from the Soviet Union and the policy of non-intervention held by Britain and France.

Interviewees: Stephen Spender (Poet), Renzo Lodoli (Italian Fascist), Jules Moch (Former French Minister), Lord Home (British Official), Giovanni Pesce (Italian Communist), Willy Burger (German Communist/Thaelmann Battalion), Frank Deegan, Willie Forrest (Daily Express Correspondent), Alvaro Delgado (Art Student (Republican)), Enrique Lister (Communist Commander), Narciso Julian (Communist Officer), Teresa Pamies (Socialist Youth), Giovanni Pesce (Garibaldi Battalion), Fifi Roberts, Ignacia Ozamiz (Guernica Eyewitness), Manoli Aguirre (Guernica Eyewitness), Koni Aguirre (Guernica Eyewitness), Karl Von Knauer (Condor Legion Pilot).
People: Leon Blum, Stanley Baldwin, La Pasionaria, Joseph Stalin, General José Miaja, Rafael Alberti, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen Spender, Julian Bell, George Orwell, the POUM, the Garibaldi Battalion.
Places: Guernica, Casa del Campo, Madrid, Malaga, Jarama, Guadalajara, the Basque Republic, Bilbao.
Terms: Non-Intervention Pact, Italian Fascism and Italian Fascists, Concentration Camps and Death Camps, Demonstrations and Protests, "No Pasaran" ("They Shall Not Pass"), the International Brigades, the Socialist Youth, Foreign Aid, British Imperialism, British Supply of Foreign Aid and Weaponry to International Fascist Parties, Allied Cooperation with Fascist Military Forces, British Embargo on Food to Democratic Nations Under Siege by Fascists.

Part 4 of 6 - Franco and the Nationalists

Description: How General Franco rose from being a cautious conspirator in 1936 to fusing together the conflicting ideologies of the Nationalists and becoming Europe's longest-ruling dictator of the twentieth century.

Interviewees: Petra Roman De Bondia, Tomas Garicano Goni (Army Officer), Felix Moreno de la Cova (Landowner), Pedro Sainz Rodriguez (Monarchist), Narciso Perales (Falangist), Raimundo Fernandez Cuesta (Falangist), Jaime del Burgo (Carlist), Ramon Serrano Suner (Franco's brother-in-law), Eugenio Vegas Latapie (Monarchist), Cristina de Arteaga, Agapito Anton Perez (Peasant), Florentino Villandiego (Peasant), Pilar Primo de Rivera (Falangist), Franciso Poyatos Lopez (Lawyer).
People: José Antonio Primo de Rivera, General José Millán Astray, Miguel Cabanellas, Manuel Hedilla.
Places: Via de los Caidos ("The Valley of the Fallen"), Toledo.
Terms: Christendom and Christian Civilization, the Spanish Fascist Party, Patria, Monarchism and Monarchists, the Comintern, C.E. D.A., Carlists and Carlism (Traditionalists and Traditionalism), Falange, Totalitarian States and Totalitarianism, Political Purges, Workers and the Working Class, Selva Vida, the Catholic Church and Catholicism, the Generalissimo, Divorce and Separation, Civil Marriage and Domestic Unions, Discrimination, Sexism, the Law of Political Responsibilities, Concentration Camps and Internment Camps.

Part 5 of 6 - Inside the Revolution

Description: The nature of the Spanish republic, the extent of the revolution that it unleashed, and how violent divisions arose creating a civil war within the civil war.

Interviewees: Teresa Pamies (Young Communist), Josep Costa (Anarchist), Federica Montseny (Anarchist Leader), Eduardo Pons Prades (Anarchist Youth), Marcel Giro (Factory Owner's Son), Benigno Castaner (Anarchist Carpenter), Placido Castaner (Anarchist Teacher), Emilio Bernuz (Anarchist Peasant), Enrique Lister (Communist Commander), Josep Tarradellas (Prime Minister of Catalonia), Pere Ardiaca (Communist Official), Socrates Gomez (Socialist), Bill Bailey (American Volunteer (Communist)), Frank Deegan (English Volunteer (Communist)), Enriqueta Garcia Cervera (Switchboard Operator), Juan Manuel Molina (Anarchist Defence Under-Secretary (Catalonia)), Julian Gorkin (POUM Executive).
People: Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Buenaventura Durruti, José Díaz, Leon Trotsky, Juan Negrín, Andreu Nin.
Places: Barcelona, Mas de las Matas, Aragone, Barcelona Telephone Exchange, Teruel, Belchite.
Terms: Worker Self-Management, Free Healthcare, Abortion and Contraception, Free Love, Collectivism and Collectivization, Collectivists and Socialists, Stalinism and Stalinists, Leninism and Leninists, Militarism and Militarization, Regionalism and Regionalist Movements, Trotsky and Trotskyists, the POUM, Bolsheviks and Bolshevism.

Part 6 of 6 - Victory and Defeat

Description: How the Civil War ended with the Republic split and Franco then victorious, the fate of refugees, and Spain's subsequent history under Franco's dictatorship.

Interviewees: Frank Deegan (International Brigader), Bill Bailey (International Brigader), Enrique Lister (Republican Corps Commander), Federico Escofet (Catalan Officer), Eduardo Pons Prades (Barcelona Inhabitant), Teresa Pamies (Communist Youth), Willie Forrest (British Journalist), Enrique Miret Magdalena (Nationalist (Madrid)), Alvaro Delgado (Republican (Madrid)), Narciso Julian, Eduardo De Guzman (Anarchist), Encarnacion Bueno, Narciso Julian (Communist Officer), Tomas Garicano Goni (Nationalist), Petra Roman de Bondia (Nationalist Student), Juan Moliner (Socialist (Mas de las Matas)).
People: Colonel Segismundo Casado.
Places: River Ebro, Urumea River, Valencia, Tarragona, Figueres, Alicante.
Terms: International Brigaders, the Spanish Cortes, One-Party State, National Unity.


* Spanish Civil War Songs
* "Workers' Power and the Spanish Revolution," text.

[Episode Guide Included.]

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