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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Portable

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Portable

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Name:Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Portable

Infohash: 395C83FEE89C1AF9EBAF49CE5367A527EB96E5C6

Total Size: 73.04 MB

Seeds: 0

Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2009-11-27 07:23:01 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2008-08-18 09:48:02

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Torrent Files List

CSDATA (Size: 73.03 MB) (Files: 369)




    Adobe Photoshop CS3

     Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings

      Actions Palette.psp

24.80 KB

      Adobe Photoshop CS3 Prefs.psp

153.27 KB

      Color Settings.csf

712.23 KB


0.01 KB


802.32 KB




3.09 KB


41.32 KB

       Image Effects.atn

23.22 KB


7.87 KB

       Text Effects.atn

40.11 KB


52.76 KB

       Video Actions.atn

39.04 KB

      Black and White

       Blue Filter.blw

0.29 KB

       Green Filter.blw

0.31 KB

       High Contrast Blue Filter.blw

0.29 KB

       High Contrast Red Filter.blw

0.29 KB


0.29 KB

       Maximum Black.blw

0.29 KB

       Maximum White.blw

0.29 KB

       Neutral Density.blw

0.29 KB

       Red Filter.blw

0.31 KB

       Yellow Filter.blw

0.30 KB


       Assorted Brushes.abr

19.93 KB

       Basic Brushes.abr

24.63 KB

       Calligraphic Brushes.abr

0.72 KB

       Drop Shadow Brushes.abr

13.27 KB

       Dry Media Brushes.abr

1.04 MB

       Faux Finish Brushes.abr

116.73 KB

       Natural Brushes 2.abr

75.52 KB

       Natural Brushes.abr

20.11 KB

       Special Effect Brushes.abr

2.52 MB

       Square Brushes.abr

2.27 KB

       Thick Heavy Brushes.abr

226.42 KB

       Wet Media Brushes.abr

1.01 MB

      Channel Mixer

       Black & White Infrared (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Blue Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Green Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Red Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Yellow Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

      Color Swatches


13.97 KB

       DIC Color

42.42 KB

       DIC Swatch ReadMe.txt

0.79 KB


35.67 KB

       HKS E

2.69 KB


2.74 KB

       HKS K

2.69 KB


2.74 KB

       HKS N

2.69 KB


2.68 KB

       HKS Z

2.69 KB


1.55 KB


2.50 KB

       PANTONE color bridge CMYK

48.24 KB

       PANTONE color bridge CMYK

49.45 KB

       PANTONE color bridge CMYK

48.22 KB

       PANTONE metallic

12.92 KB

       PANTONE pastel

6.71 KB

       PANTONE pastel

6.71 KB

       PANTONE process

151.02 KB

       PANTONE process

151.02 KB

       PANTONE solid

48.40 KB

       PANTONE solid

48.40 KB

       PANTONE solid to process

48.24 KB

       PANTONE solid to

48.24 KB

       PANTONE solid

48.40 KB

       Photo Filter

0.93 KB

       TOYO 94 COLOR

34.94 KB


35.14 KB


88.39 KB

       VisiBone ReadMe.txt

0.41 KB

3.29 KB

2.50 KB


2.11 KB

       Web Safe

2.11 KB


3.33 KB

2.50 KB



2.32 KB


       Color Negative (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Cross Process (RGB).acv

0.08 KB

       Darker (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Increase Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Lighter (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Linear Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Medium Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Negative (RGB).acv

0.05 KB

       Strong Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

      Custom Shapes


355.55 KB


9.03 KB


14.71 KB

       Banners and Awards.csh

9.68 KB


15.14 KB


7.16 KB


56.80 KB


74.74 KB


51.61 KB


24.57 KB


53.42 KB

       Talk Bubbles.csh

8.06 KB


14.22 KB


25.12 KB



        Gray-Black Duotones


0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB

         424 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         424 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         424 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         424 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

        PANTONE(R) Duotones

         327 aqua (50%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         327 aqua (50%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         327 aqua (50%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         327 aqua (50%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

        Process Duotones

         cyan bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         cyan bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         cyan bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         cyan bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 4.ado

0.51 KB


        Gray Quadtones

         Bl CG10 CG4 WmG3.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl CG10 WmG3 CG1.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl CG10 WmG4 CG3.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl WmG9 CG6 CG3.ado

0.51 KB

        PANTONE(R) Quadtones

         Bl 430 493 557.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 431 492 556.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 541 513 5773.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 75% 50% 25%.ado

0.51 KB

        Process Quadtones

         CMYK blue.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK brown.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK cool.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK ext wm.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK neutral.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK wm.ado

0.51 KB


        Gray Tritones

         Bl 404 WmGray 401 WmGray.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 409 WmGray 407 WmGray.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl Cool Gray 10 WmGray 1.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl WmGray 7 WmGray 2.ado

0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB

        PANTONE(R) Tritones

         Bl 313 aqua 127 gold.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 334 green 437 mauve.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 340 green 423 gray.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 437 burgundy 127 gold.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 50% 25%.ado

0.51 KB

        Process Tritones

         BCY green 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BCY green 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BCY green 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BCY green 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 4.ado

0.51 KB


       Color Harmonies 1.grd

16.35 KB

       Color Harmonies 2.grd

21.43 KB


0.64 KB

       Noise Samples.grd

3.59 KB


10.48 KB


10.11 KB

       Special Effects.grd

1.26 KB


5.96 KB

      Keyboard Shortcuts

       Working with Type.kys

2.89 KB

      Menu Customization


2.96 KB


2.59 KB

       Color and Tonal Correction.mnu

4.27 KB

       Image Analysis.mnu

10.43 KB

       Painting and Retouching.mnu

11.84 KB

       Printing and Proofing.mnu

3.17 KB

       Video and Film.mnu

3.11 KB

       Web Design.mnu

1.73 KB

       What's New - CS3.mnu

4.41 KB

       Working with Type.mnu

2.18 KB


       Artist Surfaces.pat

443.02 KB

       Color Paper.pat

1.47 MB

       Grayscale Paper.pat

271.07 KB

       Nature Patterns.pat

1.02 MB

       Patterns 2.pat

242.34 KB


298.35 KB

       PostScript Patterns


5.98 KB

8.50 KB

11.61 KB

5.83 KB

3.34 KB

4.20 KB


7.66 KB


18.83 KB


46.98 KB

13.90 KB


2.57 KB


12.47 KB

2.29 KB


28.68 KB

4.92 KB


14.35 KB


8.43 KB


8.36 KB

46.12 KB


11.05 KB


3.90 KB


75.92 KB


74.52 KB

5.12 KB

4.87 KB

160.34 KB

        Random V'

7.00 KB


17.05 KB

15.17 KB

4.04 KB


9.39 KB

3.93 KB


11.93 KB


14.61 KB

        Undulating lines

2.30 KB


4.27 KB

45.34 KB


18.56 KB

4.54 KB

8.65 KB

21.20 KB

       Rock Patterns.pat

1.04 MB

       Texture Fill 2.pat

646.58 KB

       Texture Fill.pat

820.13 KB


       Abstract Styles.asl

2.16 MB


177.58 KB

       Dotted Strokes.asl

39.35 KB

       Glass Buttons.asl

48.62 KB

       Image Effects.asl

178.29 KB

       Photographic Effects.asl

253.50 KB

       Text Effects 2.asl

884.51 KB

       Text Effects.asl

219.93 KB


853.27 KB

       Web Styles.asl

320.34 KB


       Art History.tpl

703.51 KB


342.82 KB

       Crop and Marquee.tpl

3.30 KB


114.51 KB



0.24 KB


0.25 KB


0.72 KB


0.34 KB

  %Local AppData%




15.85 KB


0.59 KB


45.62 KB


   Local Settings



0.58 KB



    Adobe Photoshop CS3



       1-Basic Workspaces


86.56 KB


83.46 KB

        What's New in CS3

4.44 KB

       2-Task-based Workspaces


86.05 KB

        Color and Tonal Correction

87.02 KB

        Image Analysis

93.72 KB

        Painting and Retouching

94.61 KB

        Printing and Proofing

85.78 KB

        Video and Film

85.68 KB

        Web Design

84.93 KB

        Working with Type

88.54 KB



1.27 MB


17.00 KB


144.00 KB

      Default Actions.atn

19.63 KB

      Default Brushes.abr

640.71 KB

      Default Contours.shc

0.86 KB

      Default Custom Shapes.csh

33.66 KB

      Default Filter

0.93 KB

      Default Gradients.grd

15.15 KB

      Default Keyboard Shortcuts.kys

2.86 KB

      Default Menus.mnu

0.04 KB

      Default New Doc Sizes.txt

20.72 KB

      Default Patterns.pat

150.92 KB

      Default Styles.asl

125.42 KB


6.18 KB

      Default Tool Presets.tpl

55.23 KB

      Droplet Template

9.52 KB

      Droplet Template.exe

321.50 KB


153.81 KB


26.18 KB

      OS Shortcuts.txt

0.09 KB



525.00 KB


168.00 KB


68.50 KB


728.00 KB


166.00 KB


15.00 KB


68.00 KB


7.19 KB


1.75 MB

   Common Files


     Adobe PCD



11.00 KB


25.00 KB



25.00 KB



25.00 KB



8.50 KB



8.50 KB

0.04 KB

228.00 KB


228.00 KB


0.03 KB


43.21 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

What is Portable?

Portable means that this is a smaller version, with the same features and everything. It is so small that it can fit in your USB stick.

You just need to extract and run it. No key, activation or crack needed.

It is made for people who want Photoshop on the Go.

This is a FULL and Portable version of Photoshop CS3 Extended


Adobe?Photoshop?software, the professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, delivers more of what you crave. Groundbreaking creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. Unprecedented adaptability lets you custom-fit Photoshop to the way you work. And with more efficient editing, processing, and file handling, there's no slowing you down.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is the next version of Adobe Photoshop software, the professional standard in digital imaging, to be released in spring 2007. The Photoshop CS3 is an unfinished version of the application that we are making available to you now, to enable you to work natively on the latest hardware and operating system platforms prior to our ultimate release of the final product. The FINAL is available as a Universal Binary for the Macintosh platform as well for Microsoft?Windows?XP and Windows Vista computers, with the final shipping release of Adobe Photoshop CS3 planned for spring 2007.

Photoshop CS3 Extended includes all of the same features as Photoshop CS3 but adds a brand-new set of tools and capabilities for the integration of 3-D models, video and animation, and image measurement and analysis.

New features for the Photoshop CS3 include the following:

Updated Interface
Here is the Photoshop CS3 user interface. Notice the single column toolbar and the slightly different tab configuration which is capable of collapsing into smaller icons to allow more screen room. Also notice you can access different workspace configurations in the top right section of the Options bar.

Auto-Align Layers
This command is found under the Edit menu and is enabled when multiple image layers are selected. It allows greater control over lining up layers for multi-image compositing and panoramic images.

Black & White
This is the next generation tool for black and white conversions and can be found in Image menu under Adjustments select Black & White and is also available as an adjustment layer. It includes RGBCMY range controls for color contribution to the black and white image, it also provides single-color image toning.

Curves got a facelift in CS3. Now you can see the Histogram behind the Curve as well as get some options for fine tuning the way your curve looks.

Channel Mixer
Now comes with defined presets and also allows you to save your own. This can be helpful because it can be trying getting the right setting on an image and you never know when you will want to reuse those settings.

Refine Edge
This item is enabled in the Options bar when you have an active selection. Also found under the Select menu, it allows you to fine tune your selection in one dilaog box. Adjusting things like Radius, Feather and Contract expand. It also lets you preview these refinements right in your window.

Also found in the Adjustments menu under the Image menu, this tool now uses functions that are similar to the Brightness and Contrast used in Camera Raw. If you check the Legacy box, it will function as it did in previous versions.

Clone Source
Now when using the clone stamp tool and the healing brush you have the ability to set multiple clone sources, as well as scaling and rotating each clone source. This is accessible in the Window menu.

This exciting new feature is found under the File menu in Export and it allows you to generate a navigation window to view hi res images on the web by zooming and panning right inside the window in real time.

The new toolbar is now by default a single column toolbar. However if you prefer the traditional double column you can click the double arrows at the top to toggle between them.

Camera Raw
Photoshop CS3 Public Beta also includes a new version of Camera Raw ?Camera Raw 4.0. You?l find a lot of cool features that are similar to Photoshop Lightroom such as a Highlight Recovery slider and Fill Light controls. Plus you have Split Toning controls as well as a Grayscale mixer to create killer black and whites right inside of Camera Raw.

Smart Filters
These are effects you apply to Smart Objects. They are non destructive, you can apply a Smart Filter, then go back later and tweak or remove the filter effect. It even applies a layer mask so you can isolate the filter effect to specific areas of the image.


- Open the downloaded file with WinRAR.
- Extract the "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Portable"
- Run the "photoshop.exe"

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