WAR Movie Collection DVDRip XVID Ro Sub Included george16br

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Name:WAR Movie Collection DVDRip XVID Ro Sub Included george16br

Total Size: 97.41 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 0

Leechers: 2

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2016-02-26 09:43:12 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-30 05:11:51

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Torrent Files List

300 (Size: 96.05 GB) (Files: 283)



   300 cd1.avi

699.78 MB

   300 cd1.srt

34.78 KB


   300 cd2.avi

693.68 MB

   300 cd2.srt

32.25 KB

 A Bridge Too Far


   A Bridge Too Far cd1.avi

656.24 MB

   A Bridge Too Far CD1.txt

44.71 KB


   A Bridge Too Far cd2.avi

570.62 MB

   A Bridge Too Far CD2.txt

27.51 KB

 All Quiet On The Western Front

  All Quiet On The Western Front.avi

700.19 MB

  All Quiet On The Western Front.sub

45.61 KB



   Amen cd1.avi

689.97 MB

   Amen cd1.sub

42.03 KB


   Amen cd2.avi

680.09 MB

   Amen cd2.sub

32.34 KB

 Apocalypse Now


   Apocalypse Now cd1.avi

699.79 MB

   Apocalypse Now cd1.sub

58.99 KB


   Apocalypse Now cd2.avi

698.57 MB

   Apocalypse Now cd2.sub

46.77 KB



   Attila CD1.avi

614.10 MB

   Attila CD1.sub

41.28 KB


   Attila CD2.avi

593.07 MB

   Attila CD2.sub

38.68 KB

 Battle Of Britain


   Battle Of Britain cd1.avi

699.81 MB

   Battle Of Britain cd1.sub

34.25 KB


   Battle Of Britain cd2.avi

695.19 MB

   Battle Of Britain cd2.sub

31.78 KB

 Behind Enemy Lines

  Behind Enemy Lines.avi

698.74 MB

  Behind Enemy Lines.sub

40.62 KB

 Black Hawk Down


   Black Hawk Down cd1.avi

650.55 MB

   Black Hawk Down cd1.sub

32.09 KB


   Black Hawk Down cd2.avi

654.96 MB

   Black Hawk Down cd2.sub

32.38 KB



   Braveheart cd1.avi

686.32 MB

   Braveheart cd1.sub

28.84 KB


   Braveheart cd2.avi

692.06 MB

   Braveheart cd2.sub

27.88 KB

 Captain Corelli's Mandolin


   Captain Corelli's Mandolin cd1.avi

699.25 MB

   Captain Corelli's Mandolin cd1.sub

30.12 KB


   Captain Corelli's Mandolin cd2.avi

692.71 MB

   Captain Corelli's Mandolin cd2.sub

18.01 KB

 Casualties Of War


   Casualties Of War cd1.avi

698.92 MB

   Casualties Of War cd1.srt

34.95 KB


   Casualties Of War cd2.avi

697.97 MB

   Casualties Of War cd2.srt

29.76 KB



   Colditz cd1.avi

700.29 MB

   Colditz cd1.srt

43.05 KB


   Colditz cd2.avi

700.57 MB

   Colditz cd2.srt

49.27 KB

 Cross Of Iron


   Cross Of Iron cd1.avi

698.66 MB

   Cross Of Iron cd1.sub

26.20 KB


   Cross Of Iron cd2.avi

700.33 MB

   Cross Of Iron cd2.sub

18.35 KB

 Das Boot


   Das Boot cd1.avi

639.15 MB

   Das Boot cd1.SUB

31.40 KB


   Das Boot cd2.avi

622.73 MB

   Das Boot cd2.SUB

26.82 KB

 Days Of Glory


   Days Of Glory cd1.avi

698.11 MB

   Days Of Glory cd1.sub

16.57 KB


   Days Of Glory cd2.avi

697.69 MB

   Days Of Glory cd2.sub

15.78 KB

 Der Untergang


   Der Untergang - The Downfall cd1.avi

697.33 MB

   Der Untergang - The Downfall cd1.sub

34.69 KB


   Der Untergang - The Downfall cd2.avi

695.67 MB

   Der Untergang - The Downfall cd2.sub

24.22 KB

 Enemy At The Gates

  Enemy At The Gates.avi

701.28 MB

  Enemy At The Gates.sub

51.36 KB

 Fires On The Plain

  Fires On The Plain.avi

699.48 MB

  Fires On The Plain.srt

51.58 KB

 Flags Of Our Fathers


   Flags Of Our Fathers cd1.avi

700.27 MB

   Flags Of Our Fathers cd1.srt

45.50 KB


   Flags Of Our Fathers cd2.avi

699.96 MB

   Flags Of Our Fathers cd2.srt

38.20 KB



   Flyboys cd1.avi

699.60 MB

   Flyboys cd1.srt

51.60 KB


   Flyboys cd2.avi

699.52 MB

   Flyboys cd2.srt

29.41 KB

 Force 10 From Navarone

  Force 10 From Navarone.avi

690.97 MB

  Force 10 From Navarone.sub

39.47 KB



694.87 MB


50.44 KB


3.00 KB



   Gettysburg cd1.avi

699.85 MB

   Gettysburg cd1.srt

87.42 KB


   Gettysburg cd2.avi

700.01 MB

   Gettysburg cd2.srt

62.80 KB


   Gettysburg cd3.avi

699.99 MB

   Gettysburg cd3.srt

30.41 KB



657.90 MB


54.33 KB

 Go Tell The Spartans

  Go Tell The Spartans.avi

700.37 MB

  Go Tell The Spartans.srt

98.83 KB

 Hamburger Hill

  Hamburger Hill.avi

746.53 MB

  Hamburger Hill.txt

64.94 KB

 Ike Countdown To D-day

  Ike Countdown To D-day.avi

700.23 MB

  Ike Countdown To D-day.sub

61.03 KB

 Il Gattopardo

  Il Gattopardo.avi

1.37 GB

  Il Gattopardo.srt

77.23 KB

 In Enemy Hands

  In Enemy Hands.avi

701.56 MB

  In Enemy Hands.sub

37.97 KB



   Jarhead cd1.avi

699.90 MB

   Jarhead cd1.sub

28.19 KB


   Jarhead cd2.avi

699.60 MB

   Jarhead cd2.sub

19.18 KB

 Joyeux Noël


   Joyeux Noël cd1.avi

699.64 MB

   Joyeux Noël cd1.srt

31.51 KB


   Joyeux Noël cd2.avi

700.27 MB

   Joyeux Noël cd2.srt

25.56 KB

 Kelly's Heroes


   Kelly's Heroes cd1.avi

695.84 MB

   Kelly's Heroes cd1.srt

67.67 KB


   Kelly's Heroes cd2.avi

695.42 MB

   Kelly's Heroes cd2.srt

36.16 KB

 Kingdom Of Heaven


   Kingdom Of Heaven cd1.avi

700.16 MB

   Kingdom Of Heaven cd1.srt

33.85 KB


   Kingdom Of Heaven cd2.avi

699.46 MB

   Kingdom Of Heaven cd2.sub

15.42 KB

 La Caduta Degli Dei


   La Caduta Degli Dei cd1.avi

699.59 MB

   La Caduta Degli Dei cd1.srt

49.59 KB


   La Caduta Degli Dei cd2.avi

700.37 MB

   La Caduta Degli Dei cd2.srt

30.47 KB

 La Vita E Bella


   La Vita E Bella cd1.avi

695.92 MB

   La Vita E Bella cd1.srt

54.09 KB


   La Vita E Bella cd2.avi

689.53 MB

   La Vita E Bella cd2.srt

40.31 KB

 Letters From Iwo Jima


   Letters From Iwo Jima cd1.avi

698.21 MB

   Letters From Iwo Jima cd1.srt

44.94 KB


   Letters From Iwo Jima cd2.avi

698.99 MB

   Letters From Iwo Jima cd2.srt

25.66 KB

 Major Dundee


   Major Dundee cd1.avi

697.79 MB

   Major Dundee cd1.srt

53.09 KB


   Major Dundee cd2.avi

699.40 MB

   Major Dundee cd2.srt

31.02 KB

 March Or Die

  March Or Die.avi

699.16 MB

  March Or Die.srt

37.54 KB



700.16 MB


29.98 KB

 Master And Commander


   Master And Commander cd1.avi

700.99 MB

   Master And Commander cd1.sub

32.33 KB


   Master And Commander cd2.avi

694.30 MB

   Master And Commander cd2.sub

21.69 KB



   Midway cd1.avi

698.07 MB

   Midway cd1.sub

44.75 KB


   Midway cd2.avi

699.37 MB

   Midway cd2.sub

27.82 KB

 Missing In Action

  Missing In Action.avi

699.56 MB

  Missing In Action.srt

27.17 KB

 Missing In Action 2 - The Beginning

  Missing In Action 2 - The Beginning.avi

699.49 MB

  Missing In Action 2 - The Beginning.srt

48.90 KB

 No Man's Land

  No Man's Land.avi

701.28 MB

  No Man`s Land.srt

66.26 KB

 Paths Of Glory

  Paths Of Glory.avi

668.42 MB

  Paths Of Glory.sub

54.95 KB



700.06 MB


45.65 KB

 Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato

  Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato.avi

698.91 MB

  Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato.srt

54.16 KB

 Raid On Rommel

  Raid On Rommel.avi

699.43 MB

  Raid On Rommel.sub

31.32 KB

 Saving Private Ryan


   Saving Private Ryan cd1.avi

629.45 MB

   Saving Private Ryan cd1.sub

61.28 KB


   Saving Private Ryan cd2.avi

576.52 MB

   Saving Private Ryan cd2.sub

33.73 KB

 Schindler's List


   Schindler's List cd1.avi

701.64 MB

   Schindler's List cd1.sub

43.08 KB


   Schindler's List cd2.avi

701.69 MB

   Schindler's List cd2.sub

34.03 KB

 Sink The Bismarck

  Sink The Bismarck.avi

698.34 MB

  Sink The Bismarck.sub

88.31 KB



   Spartacus cd1.avi

701.32 MB

   Spartacus cd1.sub

39.21 KB


   Spartacus cd2.avi

701.63 MB

   Spartacus cd2.sub

44.06 KB



   Stalingrad cd1.Avi

690.48 MB

   Stalingrad cd1.Srt

46.95 KB


   Stalingrad cd2.Avi

695.56 MB

   Stalingrad cd2.Srt

25.63 KB

 The 300 Spartans


   The 300 Spartans cd1.avi

699.89 MB

   The 300 Spartans cd1.sub

45.93 KB


   The 300 Spartans cd2.avi

698.03 MB

   The 300 Spartans cd2.sub

20.75 KB

 The 9th Company


   The 9th Company cd1.avi

699.22 MB

   The 9th Company cd1.srt

58.29 KB


   The 9th Company cd2.avi

700.03 MB

   The 9th Company cd2.srt

29.41 KB

 The Big Red One


   The Big Red One cd1.avi

701.79 MB

   The Big Red One cd1.srt

27.43 KB


   The Big Red One cd2.avi

701.42 MB

   The Big Red One cd2.srt

25.38 KB

 The Bridge On The River Kwai


   The Bridge On The River Kwai cd1.avi

676.12 MB

   The Bridge On The River Kwai cd1.sub

40.09 KB


   The Bridge On The River Kwai cd2.avi

671.54 MB

   The Bridge On The River Kwai cd2.sub

32.09 KB

 The Bunker

  The Bunker.avi

700.31 MB

  The Bunker.sub

26.11 KB

 The Desert Fox - The Story Of Rommel

  The Desert Fox - The Story Of Rommel.avi

698.45 MB

  The Desert Fox - The Story Of Rommel.srt

84.62 KB

 The Dirty Dozen

  The Dirty Dozen.avi

682.92 MB

  The Dirty Dozen.srt

112.22 KB

 The English Patient


   The English Patient cd1.avi

700.40 MB

   The English Patient cd1.sub

23.02 KB


   The English Patient cd2.avi

700.40 MB

   The English Patient cd2.sub

27.07 KB


   The English Patient cd3.avi

700.39 MB

   The English Patient cd3.sub

16.93 KB

 The Great Escape


   The Great Escape cd1.avi

699.74 MB

   The Great Escape cd1.srt

50.79 KB


   The Great Escape cd2.avi

697.79 MB

   The Great Escape cd2.srt

25.76 KB

 The Great Raid

  The Great Raid cd1.avi

700.19 MB

  The Great Raid cd1.sub

22.98 KB

  The Great Raid cd2.avi

700.45 MB

  The Great Raid cd2.sub

16.75 KB

 The Green Berets

  The Green Berets.avi

699.03 MB

  The Green Berets.srt

95.34 KB

 The Hunt For Eagle One

  The Hunt For Eagle One.avi

699.18 MB

  The Hunt For Eagle One.srt

44.87 KB

 The Hunt For Eagle One - Crash Point

  The Hunt For Eagle One - Crash Point.avi

699.67 MB

  The Hunt For Eagle One - Crash Point.srt

55.47 KB

 The Last Drop

  The Last Drop.avi

698.89 MB

  The Last Drop.sub

41.02 KB

 The Last Samurai


   The Last Samurai cd1.avi

697.93 MB

   The Last Samurai cd1.sub

34.16 KB


   The Last Samurai cd2.avi

700.79 MB

   The Last Samurai cd2.sub

12.47 KB

 The Longest Day


   The Longest Day cd1.avi

700.83 MB

   The Longest Day cd1.srt

61.55 KB


   The Longest Day cd2.avi

700.29 MB

   The Longest Day cd2.srt

44.14 KB

 The Lost Battalion

  The Lost Battalion.avi

696.50 MB

  The Lost Battalion.txt

39.86 KB

 The Misfit Brigade


   The Misfit Brigade cd1.avi

699.69 MB

   The Misfit Brigade cd1.sub

30.77 KB


   The Misfit Brigade cd2.avi

679.38 MB

   The Misfit Brigade cd2.sub

14.68 KB

 The Night Of The Generals


   The Night Of The Generals cd1.avi

700.72 MB

   The Night Of The Generals cd1.srt

88.35 KB


   The Night Of The Generals cd2.avi

698.36 MB

   The Night Of The Generals cd2.srt

74.62 KB

 The Patriot


   The Patriot cd1.avi

701.32 MB

   The Patriot cd1.sub

37.02 KB


   The Patriot cd2.avi

699.52 MB

   The Patriot cd2.sub

16.40 KB

 The Pianist


   The Pianist cd1.avi

699.97 MB

   The Pianist cd1.sub

32.83 KB


   The Pianist cd2.avi

699.75 MB

   The Pianist cd2.sub

13.22 KB

 The Wind That Shakes The Barley


   The Wind That Shakes The Barley cd1.avi

699.46 MB

   The Wind That Shakes The Barley cd1.srt

53.71 KB


   The Wind That Shakes The Barley cd2.avi

698.48 MB

   The Wind That Shakes The Barley cd2.srt

49.34 KB

 To End All Wars


   To End All Wars cd1.avi

697.45 MB

   To End All Wars cd1.sub

27.35 KB


   To End All Wars cd2.avi

697.11 MB

   To End All Wars cd2.sub

15.98 KB

 Tora! Tora! Tora!

  Tora! Tora! Tora!.avi

1.20 GB

  Tora! Tora! Tora!.sub

61.48 KB

 Triumph Of The Will


3.00 KB

  Triumph Of The Will.avi

562.26 MB

  Triumph Of The Will.sub

15.46 KB



   Troy cd1.avi

661.73 MB

   Troy cd1.sub

34.13 KB


   Troy cd2.avi

658.36 MB

   Troy cd2.sub

21.67 KB

 Two Men Went To War

  Two Men Went To War.avi

697.88 MB

  Two Men Went To War.sub

47.12 KB


  U 571.avi

631.55 MB


46.20 KB

 Uncommon Valor

  Uncommon Valor.avi

699.11 MB

  Uncommon Valor.sub

39.48 KB


5.34 KB

 We Were Soldiers


   We Were Soldiers cd1.avi

700.25 MB

   We Were Soldiers cd1.sub

30.96 KB


   We Were Soldiers cd2.AVI

698.69 MB

   We Were Soldiers cd2.sub

21.65 KB



   Windtalkers cd1.avi

701.85 MB

   Windtalkers cd1.sub

23.93 KB


   Windtalkers cd2.avi

702.01 MB

   Windtalkers cd2.sub

16.84 KB



1.15 GB


75.44 KB



   Zwartboek cd1.avi

700.77 MB

   Zwartboek cd1.srt

54.92 KB


   Zwartboek cd2.avi

696.00 MB

   Zwartboek cd2.srt

34.91 KB


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