Bruce Cockburn Discography (Part 1 of 2 1970 85) [FLAC] [h33t] Kitlope

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Name:Bruce Cockburn Discography (Part 1 of 2 1970 85) [FLAC] [h33t] Kitlope

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Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws 1979 (Size: 3.71 GB) (Files: 193)

 Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws 1979

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Creation Dream.flac

22.86 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Hills Of Morning.flac

24.75 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Badlands Flashback.flac

30.29 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Northern Lights.flac

23.52 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - After The Rain.flac

21.96 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Wondering Where The Lions Are.flac

20.29 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Incandescent Blue.flac

25.95 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - No Footprints.flac

28.72 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws.log

4.38 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws.m3u

0.74 KB

  Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws.cue

1.76 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Further Adventures Of 1978 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Rainfall.flac

24.96 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - A Montreal Song.flac

23.76 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand.flac

32.89 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Prenons La Mer.flac

18.70 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Red Ships Take Off In The Distance.flac

29.76 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Laughter.flac

24.20 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Bright Sky.flac

26.97 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Feast Of Fools.flac

43.52 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Can I Go With You.flac

19.00 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Nanzen Ji.flac

21.92 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - Mountain Call.flac

31.37 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Further Adventures Of.log

5.29 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Further Adventures Of.m3u

1.02 KB

  Further Adventures Of.cue

2.15 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - High Winds White Sky 1971 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Happy Good Morning Blues.flac

14.79 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Let Us Go Laughing.flac

26.99 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Love Song.flac

13.12 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - One Day I Walk.flac

16.64 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Golden Serpent Blues.flac

18.29 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - High Winds White Sky.flac

15.90 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - You Point To The Sky.flac

16.11 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Life's Mistress.flac

18.09 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Ting--The Cauldron.flac

31.74 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Shining Mountain.flac

29.99 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - Totem Pole.flac

10.72 MB

  12. Bruce Cockburn - It's An Elephant World.flac

7.43 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - High Winds White Sky (Deluxe).log

5.83 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - High Winds White Sky (Deluxe).m3u

1.10 KB

  High Winds White Sky (Deluxe).cue

2.53 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Humans 1980 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Grim Travellers.flac

31.49 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Rumours of Glory.flac

24.13 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - More Not More.flac

23.12 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - You Get Bigger as You Go.flac

27.16 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - What About the Bond.flac

32.33 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - How I Spent My Fall Vacation.flac

33.92 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Guerilla Betrayed.flac

25.30 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Tokyo.flac

20.78 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Fascist Architecture.flac

15.68 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - The Rose Above the Sky.flac

36.80 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - Grim Travellers [Live][x].flac

42.91 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Humans [Bonus Track].log

5.29 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Humans [Bonus Track].m3u

1.04 KB

  Humans [Bonus Track].cue

2.23 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - In The Falling Dark 1976 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Bruce Cockburn , Lord Of The Starfields.flac

22.60 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Vagabondage.flac

28.62 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - In The Falling Dark.flac

28.29 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Little Seahorse.flac

24.09 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Water Into Wine.flac

29.24 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Silver Wheels.flac

32.24 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Giftbearer.flac

31.11 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Gavin's Woodpile.flac

43.59 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - I'm Gonna Fly Someday.flac

28.04 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Festival Of Friends.flac

24.87 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - Red Brother Red Sister.flac

25.72 MB

  12. Bruce Cockburn - Untitled Guitar.flac

45.05 MB

  13. Bruce Cockburn - Shepherds.flac

41.58 MB

  14. Bruce Cockburn - Dweller By A dark Stream.flac

27.49 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - In The Falling Dark (Remastered).log

6.28 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - In The Falling Dark (Remastered).m3u

1.30 KB

  In The Falling Dark (Remastered).cue

2.75 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Inner City Front 1981 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance.flac

30.67 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - The Strong One.flac

40.61 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - All's Quiet On The Inner City Front.flac

37.13 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Radio Shoes.flac

30.81 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Wanna Go Walking.flac

20.91 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - And We Dance.flac

33.25 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Justice.flac

34.78 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Broken Wheel.flac

31.34 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Loner.flac

52.01 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - The Coldest Night Of The Year.flac

28.44 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - The Light Goes On Forever.flac

43.64 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Inner City Front.log

5.29 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Inner City Front.m3u

1.05 KB

  Inner City Front.cue

2.24 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Joy Will Find A Way 1975

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Hand-Dancing.flac

24.33 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - January In The Halifax Airport Lounge.flac

17.57 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Starwheel.flac

19.71 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Lament For The Last Days.flac

30.35 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Joy Will Find a Way (A Song About Dying).flac

24.85 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Burn.flac

22.83 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Skylarking.flac

17.52 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - A Long-Time-Love Song.flac

26.84 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - A Life Story.flac

37.07 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Arrows of Light.flac

25.84 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Joy Will Find a Way.log

5.12 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Joy Will Find a Way.m3u

0.94 KB

  Joy Will Find a Way.cue

1.91 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Night Vision 1973

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Foxglove.flac

6.29 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - You Don't Have to Play the Horses.flac

16.73 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - The Blues Got The World....flac

7.90 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long.flac

17.11 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Islands in a Black Sky.flac

30.78 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Clocks Don't Bring Tomorrow - Knives Don't Bring Good News.flac

26.70 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - When the Sun Goes Nova.flac

10.26 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Déjà Vu.flac

18.02 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Lightstorm.flac

10.94 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - God Bless the Children.flac

15.15 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Night Vision.log

5.64 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Night Vision.m3u

1.08 KB

  Night Vision.cue

2.02 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Salt, Sun & Time 1974

  01. Bruce Cockburn - All the Diamonds in the World.flac

14.92 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Salt, Sun and Time.flac

14.10 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Don't Have to Tell You Why.flac

23.80 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Stained Glass.flac

15.22 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Rouler Sa Bosse.flac

17.97 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Never So Free.flac

19.03 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Seeds on the Wind.flac

31.82 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - It Won't Be Long.flac

18.58 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Christmas Song.flac

20.66 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Salt, Sun and Time.log

4.71 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Salt, Sun and Time.m3u

0.84 KB

  Salt, Sun and Time.cue

1.72 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Stealing Fire 1984 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Lover in a Dangerous Time.flac

26.74 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Maybe the Poet.flac

32.33 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Sahara Gold.flac

26.87 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Making Contact.flac

25.71 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Peggy's Kitchen Wall.flac

23.85 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - To Raise the Morning Star.flac

38.78 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Nicaragua.flac

32.51 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - If I Had a Rocket Launcher.flac

31.18 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Dust and Diesel.flac

35.01 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Yanqui Go Home [x].flac

29.83 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - Call It the Sundance [x].flac

27.20 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Stealing Fire [Bonus Tracks].log

5.26 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Stealing Fire [Bonus Tracks].m3u

1.04 KB

  Stealing Fire [Bonus Tracks].cue

2.21 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - Sunwheel Dance 1971 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - My Lady And My Lord.flac

13.20 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Feet Fall On The Road.flac

13.54 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Fall.flac

15.88 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Sunwheel Dance.flac

9.49 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Up On The Hillside.flac

16.90 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Life Will Open.flac

20.61 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - It's Going Down Slow.flac

20.27 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - When The Sun Falls.flac

13.83 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - He Came From The Mountain.flac

18.50 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Dialog With The Devil (Or Why Don't We Celebrate).flac

34.01 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - For The Birds.flac

12.23 MB

  12. Bruce Cockburn - Morning Hymn.flac

13.56 MB

  13. Bruce Cockburn - My Lady And My Lord (Solo Version).flac

14.38 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Sunwheel Dance.log

6.12 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Sunwheel Dance.m3u

1.27 KB

  Sunwheel Dance.cue

2.72 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - The Trouble With Normal 1983 (Deluxe & Remastered)

  01. Bruce Cockburn - The Trouble With Normal.flac

24.69 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Candy Man's Gone.flac

25.48 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Hoop Dancer.flac

51.02 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Waiting For The Moon.flac

28.31 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - Tropic Moon.flac

26.92 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Going Up Against Chaos.flac

36.27 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Put Our Hearts Together.flac

29.64 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Civilization And Its Discontents.flac

26.56 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Planet Of The Clowns.flac

22.19 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Cala Luna (Bonus Track).flac

33.88 MB

  11. Bruce Cockburn - I Wanna Dance With You (Bonus Track).flac

31.02 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - The Trouble With Normal (Remastered).log

5.24 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - The Trouble With Normal (Remastered).m3u

1.11 KB

  The Trouble With Normal (Remastered).cue

2.26 KB

 Bruce Cockburn - World of Wonders 1985

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Call It Democracy.flac

22.99 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Lily of the Midnight Sky.flac

28.54 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - World of Wonders.flac

30.63 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - Berlin Tonight.flac

41.78 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - People See Through You.flac

24.83 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - See How I Miss You.flac

26.24 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Santiago Dawn.flac

28.44 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in Paradise.flac

42.41 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Down Here Tonight.flac

24.49 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - World of Wonders.log

4.71 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - World of Wonders.m3u

0.84 KB

  World of Wonders.cue

1.74 KB

 Bruce Cockburn 1970

  01. Bruce Cockburn - Going To The Country.flac

19.77 MB

  02. Bruce Cockburn - Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon.flac

22.08 MB

  03. Bruce Cockburn - Together Alone.flac

16.46 MB

  04. Bruce Cockburn - The Bicycle Trip.flac

23.02 MB

  05. Bruce Cockburn - The Thirteenth Mountain.flac

29.59 MB

  06. Bruce Cockburn - Musical Friends.flac

18.95 MB

  07. Bruce Cockburn - Change Your Mind.flac

14.82 MB

  08. Bruce Cockburn - Man Of A Thousand Faces.flac

32.73 MB

  09. Bruce Cockburn - Spring Song.flac

26.42 MB

  10. Bruce Cockburn - Keep It Open.flac

11.06 MB

  Bruce Cockburn - Bruce Cockburn.log

5.61 KB

  Bruce Cockburn - Bruce Cockburn.m3u

0.93 KB

  Bruce Cockburn.cue

1.88 KB


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Albums, Years & Catalog # in this torrent:

Bruce Cockburn (1970) TNBD 0001
High Winds White Sky (1971) TND 316 *
Sunwheel Dance (1971) TND 345 *
Night Vision (1973) TNBD 0011
Salt, Sun & Time (1974) TNBD 0016
Joy Will Find a Way (1975) TNBD 0023
In The Falling Dark (1976) TND 285 *
Further Adventures of ( 1978 ) TND 286 *
Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws (1979) TNMD 0037
Humans (1980) TND 317 *
Inner City Front (1981) TND 288 *
The Trouble with Normal (1983) Rounder 11661-3212-2 *
Stealing Fire (1984) TND 318 *
World of Wonders (1985) TNMD 0066

* Denotes a Deluxe Edition. Remastered with bonus track(s).

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Bruce Cockburn Discography.

It’s going to be a month or two until I put up Part 2. Keep your eyes peeled for it!


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From Wiki:

Bruce Douglas Cockburn, OC (pronounced /?ko?b?n/ "co-burn"; born May 27, 1945)[1] is a Canadian folk/rock guitarist and singer-songwriter. His 29th album was released in summer 2006, and he has written songs in styles ranging from folk to jazz-influenced rock to rock and roll.

Cockburn was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and spent some of his early years on a farm outside Pembroke, Ontario. He has stated in interviews that his first guitar was one he found in his grandmother's attic, which he then adorned with golden stars and used to play along to radio hits[2]; another source places this momentous event as happening in 1959. Cockburn was a student (but did not study music) at Nepean High School, where his 1964 yearbook photo states his desire simply: "hopes to become a musician."[3] He then attended Berklee School of Music in Boston for three semesters in the mid-1960s: "I got a lot out of it, but it didn't feel right to continue there." In 1966 he was asked to join an Ottawa band called The Children, which lasted for about a year. In the spring of 1967, he joined the final lineup of the Esquires before moving to Toronto in the summer to form The Flying Circus with former Bobby Kris & The Imperials members Marty Fisher and Gordon MacBain and ex-Tripp member Neil Lillie. The group recorded some material in late 1967 (which remains unreleased) before changing its name to Olivus in the spring of 1968, by which point Lillie (who changed his name to Neil Merryweather) had been replaced by Dennis Pendrith from Livingstone's Journey. Olivus opened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream in April 1968. That summer Cockburn broke up Olivus, intending to go solo but ending up in the band 3's a Crowd. with David Wiffen, Colleen Peterson and Richard Patterson, who had played with him in The Children. Cockburn left this band in the spring of 1969 to pursue a solo career.

He had made his first solo appearance at the Mariposa Folk Festival in 1967, and was the headliner when Beldin Arechavala cancelled in order to appear at Woodstock in 1969. In 1970 he released his first, self-titled, solo album. Cockburn's phenomenal guitar work and songwriting skills won him an enthusiastic following. His early work sparkles with rural and nautical imagery, Biblical metaphors, and a sense of delight in the belief that whatever happens here on earth, heaven is not far away. Raised as an agnostic, early in his career he became a devout Christian.[4] Many of his albums from the 1970s refer to his Christian belief, which in turn informs the concerns for human rights and environmentalism expressed on his 1980s albums. His references to Christianity in his music include the Grail imagery of 20th-century Christian poet Charles Williams and the ideas of theologian Harvey Cox,[5] but they are so subtle and musical that they do not exclude nonbelievers.

While Cockburn had been popular in Canada for years, he did not make a splash in the United States until 1979, with the release of the album Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws, still a landmark of acoustic-based pop featuring intricate lyrics, great sonics, and startling guitar work. "Wondering Where the Lions Are", the first single from that album, reached #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US in June 1980, and earned Cockburn an appearance on NBC's hit TV show Saturday Night Live.

Cockburn was married from 1969 to 1980 to Kitty Cockburn, and has a daughter Jenny (born in July 1976) from that marriage. He wrote the song "Little Seahorse" in late 1975 about the time when his daughter was in utero. It appears on his album In the Falling Dark.

Through the 1980s Cockburn's songwriting became first more urban, later more global, and then, ultimately and most famously, more politicized: he became heavily involved with progressive causes. His growing political concerns were first hinted at in three astonishing but little-known discs, Humans, Inner City Front and The Trouble with Normal. As far as casual radio listeners were concerned, however, these concerns only became evident in 1984, with Cockburn's second US radio hit, "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" (#88 US) from the Stealing Fire album. He had written the song a year earlier, after visiting Guatemalan refugee camps in Mexico that were attacked before and after his visit by Guatemalan military helicopters. His political activism continues to the present. Cockburn has travelled to many countries (such as Mozambique and Iraq), played countless benefits, and written many songs on a variety of political subjects ranging from the International Monetary Fund to land mines. His internationalist bent is reflected in the many world music influences (reggae, Latin, etc.) found in his music.

In 1991, Intrepid Records released Kick at the Darkness, a tribute album to Cockburn whose title comes from a phrase in his song "Lovers in a Dangerous Time". It features the Barenaked Ladies cover of that song, which became their first Top 40 hit and proved to be an important element in their early success. This lyric was also referenced by U2 in their song "God Part II" from their album Rattle and Hum.

In the early 1990s Cockburn teamed up with good friend T-Bone Burnett for two albums, Nothing but a Burning Light and Dart to the Heart. The latter included a song, "Closer to the Light", inspired by the death of songwriter Mark Heard, who was a close friend of Burnett as well. Cockburn frequently refers to Heard as his favorite songwriter and was one of many artists who paid tribute to Heard on an album and video titled Strong Hand of Love. On the album Cockburn performs the title song.

In 1998, he travelled with filmmaker Robert Lang to Mali, West Africa, where he jammed with Grammy Award-winning blues musician Ali Farka Toure and kora master Toumani Diabate. The one-month journey was documented in the award-winning one-hour film, River of Sand.[6]

In 2002 Cockburn released his first official greatest hits collection, Anything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-2002 (although his previously published material had been collected in several albums: Resume, Mummy Dust, and Waiting for a Miracle).

In January 2003 Cockburn finished recording his 27th album, You've Never Seen Everything, which features contributions from Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne, Sam Phillips, Sarah Harmer, Hugh Marsh, Jonell Mosser, Larry Taylor and Steven Hodges. (Taylor and Hodges, formerly of Canned Heat which performed at Monterey and Woodstock back in the day, probably are best known for their work with Tom Waits).

Cockburn performed a powerful set at the Live 8 concert in Barrie, Ontario, on July 2, 2005. An instrumental compilation of both new and previously released material, titled Speechless, was released on October 24, 2005. His 29th album, Life Short Call Now, was released on July 18, 2006.

Another humanitarian, Canadian Senator/retired General Roméo Dallaire, who is active in humanitarian fundraising and promoting awareness, was on stage at the University of Victoria with Bruce Cockburn. The October 4, 2008 concert was held to aid child soldiers ( Victoria Times Colonist, April 17, 2008 ) .

Bruce Cockburn 1970

Bruce Cockburn is singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn's debut album. The album was originally released in 1970 and is the first album to be released by True North Records.


1. "Going To The Country" - 3:10
2. "Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon" - 3:42
3. "Together Alone" - 2:42
4. "Bicycle Trip" - 4:05
5. "13th Mountain" - 4:45
6. "Musical Friends" - 2:54
7. "Change Your Mind" - 2:19
8. "Man Of A Thousand Faces" - 5:40
9. "Spring Song" - 4:19
10. "Keep It Open" - 1:40

High Winds White Sky 1971 (Remastered)


Happy Good Morning Blues
Let us go Laughing
Love Song
One Day I Walk
Golden Serpent Blues
High Winds White Sky
You Point to the Sky
Life’s Mistress
Ting/The Cauldron
Shining Mountain

Bonus Tracks:

Totem Pole (live Jan 1970)
Its an Elephant World (live Jan 1970)

Sunwheel Dance 1971 (Remastered)


My Lady and My Lord
Feet Fall on the Road
Sunwheel Dance
Up on the Hillside
Life Will Open
It’s Going Down Slow
When The Sun Falls
He Came From The Mountain
Dialog With The Devil (or Why Don’t We Celebrate)
For The Birds

Bonus Tracks:

Morning Hymn
My Lady & My Lord (Solo Version)

Night Vision 1973


You Don’t Have to Play the Horses
The Blues Got The World…
Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long
Islands in a Black Sky
Clocks Don’t Bring Tomorrow – Knives Don’t Bring Good News
When The Sun Goes Nova
Déjà vu
God Bless The Children

Salt, Sun & Time 1974


Sun, Salt and Time is the fifth full length album by Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Bruce Cockburn; released in late 1974 on True North Records. The album was recorded in Toronto, Ontario at Thunder Sound studio between May and August 1974; except the songs "Salt, Sun and Time" and "Rouler Sa Bosse" which were mixed at Manta Sound with Leo DeCarlo.


1. "All the Diamonds in the World" – 2:42
2. "Salt, Sun and Time" – 3:10
3. "Don't Have to Tell You Why" – 4:33
4. "Stained Glass" – 3:14
5. "Rouler Sa Bosse" – 3:47
6. "Never So Free" – 4:01
7. "Seeds on the Wind" (Bruce Cockburn, Eugene Martynec) – 7:04
8. "It Won't Be Long" – 3:48
9. "Christmas Song" – 3:53

Joy Will Find a Way 1975

Joy Will Find a Way is the sixth full length album by Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn. The album was released in 1975 by True North Records.


1. "Hand-dancing" – 4:30
2. "January in the Halifax Airport Lounge" – 3:19
3. "Starwheel" (Bruce Cockburn, Kitty Cockburn)– 3:16
4. "Lament for the Last Days" - 5:24
5. "Joy Will Find a Way (A Song About Dying)" – 3:50
6. "Burn" – 4:08
7. "Skylarking" – 3:20
8. "A Long-time-love Song" – 4:41
9. "A Life Story" – 6:16
10. "Arrows of Light" - 4:55

In The Falling Dark 1976 (Remastered)


Lord of the Starfields
In the Falling Dark
Little Seahorse
Water into Wine
Silver Wheels
Gavin’s Woodpile
I’m Gonna Fly Some Day
Festival of Friends

Bonus Tracks:

Red Brother Red Sister
Untitled Guitar
Dweller by a Dark Stream

Further Adventures of 1978 (Remastered)


A Montreal Song
Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in my Hand
Prenons La Mer
Red Ships take off in The Distance
Bright Sky
Feast of Fools
Can I Go with You
Nanzen JI

Bonus Track:

Mountain Call

Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws 1979


Creation Dream
Hills of Morning
Badlands Flashback
Northern Lights
After the Rain
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Incandescent Blue
No Footprints

Humans 1980 (Remastered)


Grim Travellers
Rumours of Glory
More Not More
You Get Bigger as You Go
What About the Bond
How I Spent My Fall Vacation
Guerilla Betrayed
Fascist Architecture
The Rose Above The Sky

Bonus Track:

Grim Travellers (Live)

Inner City Front 1981 (Remastered)


You Pay Your Money and Take Your Chance
The Strong One
All’s Quiet on the Inner City Front
Radio Shoes
Wanna Go Walking
And We Dance
Broken Wheel

Bonus Tracks:

The Coldest Night of the Year
The Light Goes on Forever

The Trouble With Normal 1983 (Remastered)


The Trouble With Normal
Candy Man’s Gone
Hoop Dancer
Waiting for the Moon
Tropic Moon
Going up Against Chaos
Put Our Hearts Together
Civilization and its Discontents
Planet of the Clowns

Bonus Tracks:

Cala Luna
I Wanna Dance with You

Stealing Fire 1984 (Remastered)

Stealing Fire is an album by Bruce Cockburn released in 1984. It featured the hit singles "If I Had a Rocket Launcher", an angry political commentary on refugees under fire, and "Lovers in a Dangerous Time". John Naslen received a Juno Award for "Recording Engineer of the Year" for his work on this album, and producers Goldsmith and Crawford received a nomination for "Producer of the Year".

After a trip to Central America on behalf of the Canadian arm of the charity Oxfam, Cockburn crafted an album featuring world-music influences and lyrics concerning life in the third world. He was moved by the plight of Guatemalan refugees in southern Mexico ("On the Rio Lancantún one hundred thousand wait" ) , and wrote the song "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" which reached a high of #88 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with an associated music video regularly played on MTV. Despite the apparent threat of violence in the lyrics, Cockburn would later state, "this is not a call to arms; this is a cry."

The single "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" contains some of Cockburn's most recognizable lyric writing form, with the picturesque line "got to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight". This line would be picked up by U2's lead singer and lyricist Bono who would use it in the U2 song "God Part II" (from their 1988 Rattle and Hum album) with his own line "I heard a singer on the radio late last night / Says he's gonna kick the darkness till it bleeds daylight". For this reason, Cockburn is credited in the liner notes to Rattle and Hum. U2 would also later attempt a cover of Cockburn's hit song "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" in rehearsal, but did not formally record the results.


1. "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" – 4:06
2. "Maybe the Poet" (Cockburn, Jon Goldsmith, Fergus Marsh) – 4:51
3. "Sahara Gold" – 4:30
4. "Making Contact" – 4:47
5. "Peggy's Kitchen Wall" – 4:46
6. "To Raise the Morning Star" (Cockburn, Marsh) – 5:51
7. "Nicaragua" – 4:44
8. "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" – 4:58
9. "Dust and Diesel" – 5:24

Bonus Tracks:

Yanqui Go Home
Call it the Sundance

World of Wonders 1985


Call it Democracy
Lily of the Midnight Sky
World of Wonders
Berlin Tonight
People See Through You
See How I Miss You
Santiago Dawn
Dancing in Paradise
Down Here Tonight

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