STAR WARS 1977 Theatrical EditDroid DVD full Fan Restoration, pre ANH IV

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Name:STAR WARS 1977 Theatrical EditDroid DVD full Fan Restoration, pre ANH IV

Total Size: 4.29 GB

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   Star Wars 3rd Draft.pdf

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   Star Wars Rev4thDraft.pdf

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   Star Wars Rough Draft.pdf

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Torrent description

Solo shoots first.
No ultra-lame CGI Jabba.
No stupid fractal rings around explosions.
No belching frogs or "Three Stooges" droids.

-- This is the original unmolested Star Wars, painstakingly recreated and fan-edited by "EditDroid" from several different sources of media to faithfully archive the theatrical release (see comments below).

"Alien" subtitles are now external (and shut off by default, so you'll have to select them in you player) rather than hard-subbed.

Enjoy, and also catch all the other EditDroid, ADitigalMan, AngrySun and Phantom Edit DVD torrents.


Blaksvn-Torrentz is PROUD to present...

STAR WARS - The "Mysterious Mysteries" Collection by EditDroid

//DVD Information//

Type.................: Movie
Platform.............: Video_TS folder
Burn Tested..........: Yes
Video Format.........: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/720x480/4x3/NTSC
Audio Format.........: Dolby Digital 2.0 - 192Kbps
Source...............: Laserdisc Transfer read below for details

Runtime..............: 2 hr 0 min 03 sec
Genre................: Science Fiction
Size.................: 4.27 GB
Creator[s].........: "EditDroid"
//Featured Film//

STAR WARS - from The "Mysterious Mysteries" Collection by EditDroid
a.k.a. "Original Theatrical" Pre-ANH DVD

The "source" information about this version of the O.T. is not known as the
original "creator[s]" left strict instructions that no copies of this set were
to be made, or to mention who the creators were. So I've tracked down as much
information that I could find regarding this set and have effectively named the
set the "Mysterious Mysteries" Edition as the creator[s] wish to remain

The Following Info was lifted from
(Edited and remixed by Blaksvn) -

This DVD seems to be an attempt to re-create the "Original Theatrical" Version
of Star Wars before the 1981 addition of "The New Hope" in the titles done to
match the title from The Empire Strikes Back to achieve this the creator[s] have
recreated the title

The video transfer in this collection is from the Definitive Collection
and features a fan-created rendition of the "original title crawl", but it's
very well done. And it even has retained the lower case "r" in the word "rebel".
The sound mix used on this DVD is the mix from the 1989 "Widescreen" laserdiscs;
this was a remix done by Ben Burtt in 1985. It's closer to the original 1977
Dolby Stereo mix than any other set at this time. The creator[s] of this set
seem to be VERY skilled at audio editing, as they included the deleted Williams
cues BACK into the isolated score mix where they were originally supposed to go,
and they're re-edited in seamlessly. The same goes for both the Empire and Jedi
DVD's in this set. The work on Empire itself is very good, as there were quite a
few cues on Hoth that were cut out, but they're integrated back nicely in this

This is a yet ANOTHER very interesting DVD that was created by true fan[s] for
other true fans.


Posted by............: Dr. Gonzo
Date Posted..........: 01-24-05


"To begin, please know that no negativity I may voice is in any way
directed towards yourself. I know from your posts that you have honored
our requests to "keep it in the family," as it were. I must say that I
am a little dismayed that the discs we asked people to keep under wraps
have now seemed to find their way out into the general community. I
understand how Star Wars fans are, and from the beginning I always felt
these DVDs would eventually leak out, but I am disappointed all the
same. Some have asked why we wouldn't want to share our creation with
the world, so I'll try to answer that.

First of all, we charged a nominal fee for the ones you and others got.
Not to make any money, or be compensated for the literally hundreds of
hours spent working on them, but just enough to cover costs of materials
and shipping. I didn't think it fair that the world should get for free
what a select few have paid for.

Second, I've been lurking on fora and newsgroups for some time now, and
there seem to be many out there making their own LD conversions, for the
sheer enjoyment of it, who are happy to share, and who are not in it for
any sort of glory. There also seem to be, in equal amounts, people who
do it for the sheer self-exaltation, seeking credit and some manner of
praise that theirs are "the best." To those who don't understand our
wishes to keep a lid on the distribution of our product, I say that it
is our desire to remain in a third camp, one that would like simply to
produce these discs for ourselves and our friends, and not worry about
quality control down the line, generational issues, Lucasfilm legal, etc.

But since it appears that these DVDs are going to be distributed, I
would like to at least give the complete details on them, and thus
eliminate needless speculation by others.

The entire creative process behind these discs basically took place in a
vacuum. Aside from a really horrible Asian bootleg, we had never seen
any Star Wars DVDs before, so all ideas for content and design were
entirely ours, based on what we thought we wanted to see in a DVD. It's
important to point out that all assets were generated by us alone; there
was no lifting of soundtracks or other material from other DVDs, and no
borrowing of anything.

The LDs were played back from a Pioneer player, which was the only weak
link in the chain. It had no Y/C separation circuit, so the dot crawl in
brightly colored areas was unavoidable. The discs were dubbed to Betacam
SP for use as masters, since the ability to use timecode to go back and
fix areas was important. All the video was assembled and edited
uncompressed on an Avid|DS system. There the 24p video was extracted,
and extensive restoration was performed. This restoration entailed the
removal of a great deal of film dirt and video dropout, and is where the
bulk of the labor was spent. Also in this system, the black letterbox
bars were replaced with pure black, which paid great dividends at the
encoding stage.

The "original" crawl was created in After Effects. Its timing and layout
was based on a pre-ANH VHS we obtained. This tape was also the basis for
the typeface and timing of Greedo's subtitles, which were DVD
subpictures and not encoded with the video. The same process was used
for the Jedi subtitles, particularly since the LD had spelling errors.

All of the soundtracks were mixed on an Avid Media Composer. The
soundtracks were from the Definitive Collection LDs, the Wide Screen
edition laserdiscs, and the aforementioned VHS tape was the source of
the mono mix. This process was extremely time-consuming because of the
isolated scores, whose sources were all the commercially available
soundtracks, as well as the promotional Lapti Nek 12" single (NO other
sources were used for the music. Period). This process gave us an
unswerving admiration for the job done by music editors on feature films.

The video was encoded using TMPGEnc, and all the assets were brought
together and authored in Sonic DVD Creator. Jacket pictures were
generated in Scenarist.

On the matter of some decisions:
- The color was extensively agonized over. Laserdisc is an inherently
noisy analog format. Because of this, it was decided not to boost the
chroma saturation beyond a small amount, since doing so also increases
the chroma noise. When it came to the MPEG encode, the problems the
noise would've created just weren't worth it.
- We also debated on whether to do an anamorphic encode. Based on years
of professional DVD experience, it was decided that vertically expanding
the picture to make a 16x9 video offered absolutely no advantages and
plenty of disadvantages. You simply don't expand video. It creates
unacceptable softening and makes the encoder work harder needlessly.

I hope this helps provide some information about the process behind
these DVDs. If there's anything you think I missed, or if anyone has any
questions, please let me know and I'll be happy to answer. If I can't do
anything about these works being distributed, at least I can provide
accurate information about them."

This information was provided by Dr. Gonzo via an email sent to him from
creator[s] of this set.

//Release Notes//

I'm asking for your Promise to copy this Disc as many times as you can and then
give or trade copies to EVERY fan you know! This will help prevent the Darkside
Dealers (eBay/comic shop sellers) from selling copies for $50!

PLEASE - DO NOT sell this for profit.

If you bought this DVD for more than $5 you've been duped, suckered and
hoodwinked. This DVD was intended to be distributed within the Star Wars and DVD
trading community for FREE or just the cost of a blank DVD and shipping.

I do not want anyone to feel that I'm attempting to exploit these wonderful
renditions of Star Wars Universe. I just want to share these with other fans and
at the same time keep the Star Wars Fan Created Universe Alive and free of

So the breakdown -

In this torrent you'll find
1 - Video_TS folder that all set to burn!

//Viewing Notes//

- For best results enjoy with Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn and Coca-Cola
- Spark it if you have it!
- Another Fine Ass Blaksvn Torrent
- Word to the Spookies...

//Post Information//

Posted by............: Rikter Blaksvn
Date Posted..........: 01-24-05

THANKS for your interest and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

[email protected] - Donations also accepted the help with my bandwidth.

Smackin' down the forces of the Darkside!


Thanks to those that made this shared DVD/Torrent possible!

My Spookies and Ragnar whom I love more than Star Wars! Los Hermanos Blaksvn,
DeeJay Pockets, Angrysunfilms, MagnoliaFan, MeBeJedi, Darth Osor, Zion,
Laserman, ADigitalMan, RowMan, DocP (Corbi Wan says THANKS!!) Xbox,
ReverendBeastly, Jay and all the regulars at the and Ryan
for keeping the faith.

And a VERY Special Thanks to the UNKNOWN creator[s] for creating this AWESOME


Leechers - You best seed!! -

And to all the Cry babies and whiners - IT'S a choice to torrent so choose
wisely and don't complain.



There are two known revisions of the ANH disc from this set also. The other disc
has different menus and options for the mono, Dolby Stereo and matrixed 6
channel. - This seems to be the most allusive disc in this once rare fan created
version of the Original Trilogy. (If you have this version please let me know
and I will torrent it)

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