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Name:Desteni Production Videos

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Abuldiz Of The Universe (Size: 6.20 GB) (Files: 487)

 Abuldiz Of The Universe

  Abuldiz of the Universe 1 My History.mp4

14.05 MB

  Abuldiz of the Universe 2 Meeting Jack.mp4

13.40 MB

  Abuldiz of the Universe 4 Testing Channels to free Minds.mp4

13.87 MB

 Adolf Hitler_ Mikey

  Adolf Hitler 1 from the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

16.07 MB

  Adolf Hitler 10Afterlife I worked with Illuminati.mp4

14.71 MB

  Adolf Hitler 11Afterlife Understanding the Illuminati.mp4

15.84 MB

  Adolf Hitler 12Afterlife Money and the Illuminati.mp4

12.81 MB

  Adolf Hitler 13 AfterLife Return to Innocence Part 1.mp4

15.01 MB

  Adolf Hitler 14 AfterLife Return to Innocence Part 2.mp4

16.28 MB

  Adolf Hitler 15 AfterLife Return to Innocence Part 3.mp4

12.13 MB

  Adolf Hitler 2 from the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

15.61 MB

  Adolf Hitler 3 from the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

15.39 MB

  Adolf Hitler 4from AFTERLIFE on Prayer and Monsters.mp4

16.43 MB

  Adolf Hitler 5 from AFTERLIFE -- I SAW demons as a CHILD.mp4

11.17 MB

  Adolf Hitler 6 from AFTERLIFE -- I SAW the SYSTEMS.mp4

15.68 MB

  Adolf Hitler 7 from AFTERLIFE -- What is REAL DESTENI.mp4

12.78 MB

  Adolf Hitler 8 I found no God on Earth.mp4

14.59 MB

  Adolf Hitler 9Afterlife I found Secret Societies.mp4

15.62 MB

 Andrea Interview

  Andrea 1- I was a Wiccan.mp4

13.56 MB

  Andrea 10 - My Exorcism-- I have a choice.mp4

14.26 MB

  Andrea 11 - The Return of the Demon.mp4

14.18 MB

  Andrea 12 - Something Different with the Demon.mp4

14.05 MB

  Andrea 13 - My Guide Revealed.mp4

14.28 MB

  Andrea 14 - Jack Reveals Himself.mp4

14.22 MB

  Andrea 15 - Meeting Eagle and Winged.mp4

14.27 MB

  Andrea 16 - My World came to an End.mp4

14.19 MB

  Andrea 17 - Taking on My Mind.mp4

14.13 MB

  Andrea 18 - My experience with Jack as Guide.mp4

14.02 MB

  Andrea 19 - More experiences with Jack as Guide.mp4

9.60 MB

  Andrea 2 - HouseSitting with Demons.mp4

14.36 MB

  Andrea 3 - In Training with 3 Gods.mp4

14.21 MB

  Andrea 4 - Sexual Relationship with a God.mp4

14.09 MB

  Andrea 5 - The God Reveals true Colors as Demon.mp4

14.26 MB

  Andrea 6 - In Relationship with Demon.mp4

14.12 MB

  Andrea 7 - Allowing Me to be Possessed by Demon.mp4

13.85 MB

  Andrea 8 - The Knife of Life and Death and the Demon.mp4

14.24 MB

  Andrea 9 - Consulting an Exorcist to Remove the Demon.mp4

14.18 MB

  Andrea and Jack--Interview Perspective 1 of 2.mp4

14.72 MB

  Andrea and Jack--Interview Perspective 2 of 2.mp4

15.46 MB

  FairyTalk Reading with Andrea's Fairy.mp4

11.05 MB

  Tree of LIFE interview for Andrea at Desteni.mp4

8.49 MB

 DIY Applications

  DIY Anger Management to prevent Violence.mp4

11.95 MB

  DIY Beauty Management.mp4

14.84 MB

  DIY BeliefSystem KEY to SUCCESS and PEACE of MIND.mp4

14.78 MB

  DIY Demon Removal Tool.mp4

15.65 MB

  DIY Embarrassment FREEDOM KEY.mp4

14.32 MB

  DIY Energy KEY.mp4

14.22 MB

  DIY Fear of Change FREEDOM KEY to SELF PEACE.mp4

14.84 MB

  DIY Flag Point to SUCCESS-- Not for weakminded.mp4

14.45 MB

  DIY Freedom from Information Wars and Fear Control.mp4

11.13 MB

  DIY Honesty Management to Personal Power.mp4

14.88 MB

  DIY Hope and the design of Hope and Self Support..mp4

11.69 MB

  DIY I Movement- Who to trust when- in the EYES.mp4

10.08 MB

  DIY Knowledge KEY to the SECRET of Yourself.mp4

14.79 MB

  DIY Sacred Geometry KEY.mp4

15.35 MB

  DIY Sex Confessions Quizz-- Vote and Share.mp4

1.22 MB

  DIY Starting Point to a SELF Empowered Life- New Beginnings.mp4

14.46 MB

  Do It Yourself Demon Support assistence.mp4

15.65 MB

 History Of Universe 1-9

  History of the Universe 1 350 Billion years ago--Man lived.mp4

14.05 MB

  History of the Universe 2 A Change in Existence.mp4

16.10 MB

  History of the Universe 3 The Prophecy.mp4

14.07 MB

  History of the Universe 4 The Portal Opened.mp4

16.27 MB

  History of the Universe 5The Reptilians found the Portal.mp4

11.27 MB

  History of the Universe 6No Support from Heaven.mp4

14.98 MB

  History of the Universe 7Reptilian forgiveness Deception.mp4

14.94 MB

  History of the Universe 8Reptilian Hypnotize Heaven.mp4

14.87 MB

  History of the Universe 9Law of Stupidity.mp4

15.84 MB

 Honesty For Cheaters

  Practical Self Honesty for CHEATERS part 1.mp4

14.47 MB

  Practical Self Honesty for CHEATERS Part 2.mp4

15.02 MB

  Practical Self Honesty for CHEATERS Part 3.mp4

12.09 MB

 Human Mind creates The World

  How Human Mind creates The World Explained Part 15.mp4

16.28 MB

  Human Mind creates The World Explained Part 25.mp4

14.08 MB

  Human Mind creates The World Explained Part 35.mp4

13.81 MB

  Human Mind creates The World Explained Part 45.mp4

14.41 MB

  Human Mind creates The World Explained Part 55.mp4

14.42 MB

 Jesus Interviews

  Jesus 1 from Heaven on WAKING the Dead DESTENI.mp4

15.75 MB

  Jesus 2 from Heaven The Bible Exposed DESTENI.mp4

15.38 MB

  Jesus 3 from Heaven Why people KILL ME DESTENI.mp4

16.30 MB

  Jesus 4 from Heaven CHOICE DESTENI.mp4

11.16 MB

 Lilly Interviews

  Lilly 4- A day in the Dimensions DESTENI.mp4

8.49 MB

  Lilly 5- Winged- A day in the Dimensions DESTENI.mp4

7.50 MB

  Lilly 6 = Mirror, Mirror on the Wall- A Secret in my Call.mp4

8.19 MB

  Lilly 7 from Heaven Vegetarian or Not--That is the Question.mp4

14.14 MB

  Lilly Explaining the Interdimensional Portal.mp4

9.58 MB

  Lilly from Heaven on the Portal.mp4

5.83 MB

 Many Beyond the grave Interviews

  Albert EinsteinAfterLife Humans are Slaves Part 1 of 2.mp4

16.10 MB

  Albert EinsteinAfterLife Humans are Slaves Part 2 fof 2.mp4

13.99 MB

  Antonio Puerta from AfterLife about My Death.mp4

15.12 MB

  Baird Spalding from Afterlife- My Perspective DESTENI.mp4

9.78 MB

  Bruce Lee 1 from Afterlife on I found PEACE DESTENI.mp4

14.56 MB

  BRUCE LEE 2 from AFTERLIFE on My Secret of Speed.mp4

11.70 MB

  Cho Seung-HuiAfterLife- Virginia Tech Shootings Explained.mp4

15.57 MB

  Christopher Reeve 1 from Heaven Why we support illness.mp4

14.04 MB

  George Orwell 1- EXISTENCE after DEATH1984 is HERE.mp4

15.62 MB

  George Orwell 2- The SHAME of FenceSitters.mp4

16.00 MB

  George Orwell 3- Set Yourself FREE.mp4

15.71 MB

  Ian Xel Lungold 1 on Mayan Calender.mp4

14.28 MB

  Ian Xel Lungold 2 on 2012.mp4

15.27 MB

  Ian Xel Lungold 3 from Afterlife on the MAYAN calender.mp4

14.13 MB

  Jim Morrison - From the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

16.81 MB

  Jimi Hendrix 12 from AfterLife on ONENESS in MUSIC.mp4

16.78 MB

  Jimi Hendrix 22 from AfterLife on ONENESS in MUSIC.mp4

17.38 MB

  John F KennedyAfterLife The Elite, Bush and Ron Paul.mp4

15.25 MB

  John Lennon from Heaven A Tough Future for Earth.mp4

14.87 MB

  Kurt Cobain 2 from the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

15.27 MB

  Kurt Cobain 3 from the AFTERLIFE.mp4

10.35 MB

  L Ron Hubbard from Heaven - My CrossOver.mp4

10.64 MB

  Leonardo da Vinci from Heaven My Secret.mp4

16.56 MB

  Leticia Wright 1- Abused child- from HEAVEN DESTENI.mp4

15.64 MB

  Marc Foe from AfterLife about My Death.mp4

13.89 MB

  Martin Luther King AfterLife Why God Abdicated.mp4

13.89 MB

  Miki Feher from AfterLife about My Death.mp4

12.99 MB

  Mother Teresa 1 FROM BEYOND THE GRAVEon My CrossOver.mp4

14.09 MB

  Mother Teresa 2 FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE on My CrossOver.mp4

13.71 MB

  Mother Teresa 3 from HEAVEN on Why we forget.mp4

8.34 MB

  Natalie Yeargan ( Fell off a cliff in Grand Canyon) My Cross.mp4

11.82 MB

  Nikola Tesla 1 from Afterlife on Mindcontrol DevicesDESTENI.mp4

16.57 MB

  Nikola Tesla 2 from Heaven -- Television and Human PUPPETS.mp4

15.06 MB

  Osho AfterLife- Self Discipline as SelfSupport.mp4

13.29 MB

  Pancho Villa 1- Reincarnated DESTENI.mp4

16.26 MB

  Paramahansa Yogananda- Why there can be no God.mp4

10.17 MB

  Peter Tosh from Afterlife-- My Experience on Earth.mp4

18.00 MB

  Prescott Bush from AFTERLIFE on RESPONSIBILITY.mp4

13.07 MB

  Richard Pryor from AfterlifeMy Heaven's Gate.mp4

14.35 MB

  Steve Irwin 1 Heaven The Nature Series Begins.mp4

16.06 MB

  Steve Irwin 2 HeavenNatureSeries- Why Sharks attack Humans.mp4

14.44 MB

  Tyler Peterson AfterLife Deputy Shot 6 People.mp4

11.66 MB

  Win Shwe 2- Why Torture, Pain and Death Exist.mp4

13.24 MB

  Win Shwe- Burma Activist Tortured to Death- Exclusive.mp4

12.06 MB

 Money Revolution

  MONEY Revolution - STOP Poverty and DEBT - Place Vid Reply.mp4

13.84 MB

  MONEY Revolution - STOP Poverty and DEBT - Video reply.mp4

4.74 MB

  MONEY Revolution 1 _ The END of DEBT-- Place vid reply.mp4

13.93 MB

  MONEY Revolution 10 -- GOOD and EVIL -Who is Who.mp4

7.49 MB

  MONEY Revolution 11 -- The BOOK of LIFE - Bookkeeping.mp4

6.78 MB

  MONEY Revolution 12 -- SERIAL KILLERS.mp4

7.30 MB

  MONEY REvolution 13 -- Touched by An ANGEL.mp4

6.70 MB

  MONEY Revolution 2 - How will LIFE CHANGE.mp4

3.01 MB

  MONEY Revolution 3 - POLITICS is Polarity Tactics.mp4

2.45 MB

  MONEY Revolution 4 - Money and FREE CHOICE.mp4

6.14 MB

  MONEY Revolution 5 - Let's Ask GOD.mp4

8.56 MB

  MONEY Revolution 6 --The 10 Commandments of MONEY.mp4

4.42 MB

  MONEY Revolution 7 - The NEW World ORDER'S Origin.mp4

11.06 MB

  MONEY Revolution 8 - HELL on EARTH-- When is it HERE 2008.mp4

13.56 MB

  MONEY Revolution 9 -- Is MONEY a CULT or Occult.mp4

12.65 MB

 Nature Videos

  Animal Kingdom 1 from Earth on History of Earth.mp4

15.26 MB

  Ants from Earth.mp4

3.60 MB

  Camels from Earth -- No more SLAVES.mp4

3.88 MB

  Disappearance of the Bumble Bees Explained.mp4

10.18 MB

  DOLPHINS 1 from EARTH on Medicine.mp4

9.30 MB

  Electricity from Earth - My Freedom from slavery.mp4

6.25 MB

  Fire from Earth -- Removing Human comfort zones.mp4

4.43 MB

  First Molecule interview on The BEGINNING of Creation.mp4

10.95 MB

  Interview with a Christmas Turkey.mp4

15.52 MB

  Message from the MOON.mp4

6.90 MB

  MOTHER NATURE 2 from Existence on FUTURE EVENTS.mp4

10.75 MB

  Mother Nature Predicting the FUTURE of Man.mp4

10.73 MB

  Spider from Nature on Untangling The WEB of FEAR.mp4

8.16 MB


9.58 MB

  Trees 1 from Earth- Desteni.mp4

4.13 MB

  Water from Earth - Cleansing the Human DESTENI.mp4

7.39 MB

 Nostradamus Interviews

  Nostradamus 1 of 3 from BEYOND THE GRAVE DESTENI.mp4

14.86 MB

  Nostradamus 2 of 3 from BEYOND THE GRAVE DESTENI.mp4

15.49 MB

  Nostradamus 3 of 3 from BEYOND THE GRAVE DESTENI.mp4

14.97 MB

  Nostradamus 4 from the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

10.72 MB

  Nostradamus 5 from the AFTERLIFE DESTENI.mp4

14.27 MB

 Sexuality And Masturbation

  Masturbation Demon.mp4

6.50 MB

  Masturbation Practicality 1 - Self and Sex Renewal.mp4

14.31 MB

  Masturbation Practicality 2 - Self Arousal and Orgasm.mp4

15.06 MB

  Sexual Practicality 1 - The NEW Sex Expression.mp4

14.35 MB

  Sexual Practicality 2 - The NEW Sex Expression Step by Step.mp4

14.91 MB

  Sexual Practicality 3 - The NEW Sex Expression - Penetration.mp4

14.75 MB

 Shi Interviews

  Shi 01 (Alioshenka) from Afterlife-- I am an Alien.mp4

11.66 MB

  Shi 10 --How Alien view Celebrity SEX.mp4

9.97 MB

  Shi 11 -- an Alien view of a Picture Demon World.mp4

14.82 MB

  Shi 2 (Alioshenka) from Afterlife-- Alien Views on SEX.mp4

11.10 MB

  Shi 3 (Alioshenka) ALIEN on how SEX change Reality.mp4

9.47 MB

  Shi 4 (Alioshenka) ALIEN on SEX and NWO.mp4

10.16 MB

  Shi 5 (Alioshenka) ALIEN on FUTURE of SEX.mp4

14.82 MB

  Shi 6 (Alioshenka) ALIEN on EXPOSING the NWO.mp4

12.59 MB

  Shi 7 (Alioshenka) ALIEN view on God and SEX- shocking.mp4

14.37 MB

  Shi 8 (Alioshenka) an ALIEN EXPOSING UFO's.mp4

13.47 MB

  Shi 9 -- an Alien view on Parenting.mp4

15.83 MB

 The Design of -

  Choice and the Design of Choice.mp4

12.68 MB

  Hope and the design of Hope- The Great TRAP..mp4

15.11 MB

  Love and the Design of Love.mp4

13.76 MB

  The DESIGN of ADDICTION to Drugs.mp4

12.59 MB

  The DESIGN of ADOLF HITLER in Unified Field.mp4

12.02 MB


13.73 MB


14.82 MB

  The DESIGN of ANXIETY in Solar Plexus.mp4

14.61 MB

  The DESIGN of ARROGANCE as Ego Personified.mp4

11.06 MB

  The DESIGN of ART in the Unified Field.mp4

10.16 MB


12.51 MB

  The DESIGN of ATTENTION as ELITE Fool Mankind.mp4

11.05 MB

  The DESIGN of AUTISM and AUTISTIC Children.mp4

13.30 MB

  The DESIGN of Bulimia and How to stop it.mp4

14.65 MB

  The DESIGN of CELLULITE on Thighs and Bum.mp4

14.97 MB


13.54 MB

  The DESIGN of Common Sense as Reptilian Logic.mp4

15.81 MB

  The DESIGN of DEATH.mp4

11.07 MB

  The DESIGN of DESIRE in the Unified Field as SEX.mp4

10.63 MB

  The DESIGN of DNA to control Humans.mp4

15.64 MB

  The DESIGN of DREAMING assisting YOU.mp4

11.19 MB

  The DESIGN of EVOLUTION as Unified Field.mp4

15.31 MB


14.69 MB


15.00 MB

  The DESIGN of FEAR of the FUTURE.mp4

10.63 MB

  The DESIGN of FEARING your own FEAR.mp4

13.58 MB


15.61 MB

  The DESIGN of GEORGE BUSH in Unified Field.mp4

10.39 MB

  The DESIGN of Giving Up and Stand Up.mp4

15.50 MB

  The DESIGN of GOD as FEAR.mp4

14.65 MB

  The DESIGN of GREED.mp4

14.88 MB


14.38 MB

  The DESIGN of Happiness.mp4

15.00 MB

  The DESIGN of HYPNOSIS to keep Man Stupid.mp4

14.66 MB

  The Design of I was an ALIEN in my PAST Life.mp4

15.36 MB


13.75 MB

  The DESIGN of Imagination.mp4

14.69 MB

  The DESIGN of INSPIRATION as Personality.mp4

15.20 MB

  The DESIGN of Intent in Unified Field.mp4

9.42 MB


15.34 MB

  The DESIGN of LAZINESS as DRUG of the MIND.mp4

13.31 MB

  The DESIGN of LIGHT WARRIORS in Unified Field.mp4

12.10 MB


12.08 MB

  The DESIGN of LOVE and REBOUND.mp4

16.02 MB

  The DESIGN of LUCK as Miracles.mp4

13.40 MB


14.68 MB

  The DESIGN of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce- Predictions.mp4

11.71 MB

  The DESIGN of Polarity.mp4

15.42 MB

  The DESIGN of POWER we give to World ELITE.mp4

15.38 MB

  The DESIGN of PRAYER.mp4

14.51 MB


14.59 MB

  The DESIGN of RACISM to Separate Man.mp4

9.51 MB

  The DESIGN of REACTION as Polarity Enslavement.mp4

13.63 MB

  The DESIGN of RELIGION as Global Slavery.mp4

15.44 MB

  The DESIGN of RESPECTING each Other.mp4

14.71 MB

  The DESIGN of SCIENCE and why People are DUMB.mp4

12.71 MB

  The DESIGN of SCIENTIFIC Influences in The Unified Field.mp4

14.51 MB

  The DESIGN of SURVIVAL to search for Wealth.mp4

11.11 MB


12.78 MB

  The Design of The ASTRAL PLANE Light Warrior.mp4

13.00 MB

  The DESIGN of The AURA.mp4

10.96 MB

  The DESIGN of The CHRISTIANITY Unified Field.mp4

15.17 MB

  The DESIGN of The CONSCIOUS Mind- Human Enslavement.mp4

14.23 MB

  The DESIGN of The DELUSION-- I must go THERE.mp4

14.44 MB

  The DESIGN of The EDUCATION Unified Field.mp4

14.13 MB

  The DESIGN of The Equality And Oneness Unified Field.mp4

11.68 MB

  The DESIGN of The EXCUSE -- I am only HUMAN.mp4

12.85 MB

  The DESIGN of The HOLY TRINITY as Deception.mp4

7.04 MB

  The DESIGN of The Marriage Unified Field to lock IN slaves.mp4

14.86 MB

  The DESIGN of The MIND Consciousness System.mp4

13.33 MB

  The DESIGN of The NEED Unified Field to separate YOU and Me.mp4

11.20 MB

  The DESIGN of THE NEW WORLD ORDER- The Next Phase.mp4

13.51 MB


16.25 MB

  The DESIGN of The PICTURE Reality you See as UR Life.mp4

15.06 MB


15.51 MB

  The DESIGN of The SUBCONSCIOUS Mind- Human Slavery.mp4

15.60 MB

  The DESIGN of The UNCONSCIOUS Mind- Global Slavery.mp4

16.32 MB

  The DESIGN of The Unified Field as NOW.mp4

7.20 MB


16.29 MB


13.49 MB

  The DESIGN of the WIFE BEATER.mp4

13.85 MB

  The DESIGN of THOUGHTS -Their creation,looks and coding.mp4

15.41 MB

  The DESIGN of TIME LOOPS to face self truth.mp4

15.05 MB

  The DESIGN of TRUST as Self Dishonesty.mp4

13.50 MB

  The DESIGN of TRUTH.mp4

11.56 MB

  The DESIGN of VACCINES to Enslave Man.mp4

10.03 MB


13.71 MB

  The DESIGN of Voices in the Head - THE TRAP.mp4

13.89 MB

  The DESIGN of WAR as Unified field.mp4

11.77 MB

  The DESIGN of WHO am I as a Reptilian MIND.mp4

14.96 MB

 The Exposed history of Man 1-127

  Exposed History of Man 1- The Secret of Atlantis.mp4

15.36 MB

  Exposed History of Man 10 -- Reptilians Create Man.mp4

14.75 MB

  Exposed History of Man 100 - How do we change our World.mp4

11.56 MB

  Exposed History of Man 101 - Angels are REPTILIAN creations.mp4

7.69 MB

  Exposed History of Man 102 - Fairies-- Are they REAL.mp4

9.90 MB

  Exposed History of Man 103 - Locating You POWER.mp4

16.03 MB

  Exposed History of Man 104 - Locating You SILENCE.mp4

11.96 MB

  Exposed History of Man 105 - Changing your World.mp4

11.05 MB

  Exposed History of Man 106 - Expanding your Influence.mp4

14.67 MB

  Exposed History of Man 107-MariJuana(cannabis) from Reptiles.mp4

16.09 MB

  Exposed History of Man 108 - Why were Channels Closed.mp4

13.78 MB

  Exposed History of Man 109 - Psychic Self Testing.mp4

10.56 MB

  Exposed History of Man 11 -- The Sirians and Systems.mp4

13.54 MB

  Exposed History of Man 110 - Reptilian Deception.mp4

9.74 MB

  Exposed History of Man 111 - Practical Forgiveness and Peace.mp4

12.14 MB

  Exposed History of Man 112 - Pinocchio Principle of the MIND.mp4

10.54 MB

  Exposed History of Man 113 - What is Self-Expression.mp4

12.01 MB

  Exposed History of Man 114 - Deaf and Blind Why.mp4

14.85 MB

  Exposed History of Man 115 - Practical Self Honesty.mp4

12.45 MB

  Exposed History of Man 116 - Tazers and Students.mp4

10.96 MB

  Exposed History of Man 117 - Where is Life.mp4

11.70 MB

  Exposed History of Man 118 - Starting Life.mp4

7.42 MB

  Exposed History of Man 119 - Equality and Oneness.mp4

13.15 MB

  Exposed History of Man 12--The Secret of Man end Reptilians.mp4

14.00 MB

  Exposed History of Man 120 - Yawning explained.mp4

12.36 MB

  Exposed History of Man 121 - 21DaysToSelfFreeDom.mp4

5.69 MB

  Exposed History of Man 122 - Bermuda Triangle Explained.mp4

12.02 MB

  Exposed History of Man 123 - Birthing the TREE of Life.mp4

11.25 MB

  Exposed History of Man 124- Now EVERY-ONE can communicate interdimensionally.mp4

15.70 MB

  Exposed History of Man 126 -- Reincarnation-- How did Karma change.mp4

15.59 MB

  Exposed History of Man 127 -- Reptilian Galactic Federation.mp4

15.40 MB

  Exposed History of Man 13 -- Reptilians Enslaves Atlantis.mp4

14.79 MB

  Exposed History of Man 14 -- The Reptilian GOD.mp4

13.73 MB

  Exposed History of Man 15- Reptilians deceive Atlanteans.mp4

14.83 MB

  Exposed History of Man 16 -- ANU'S REPTILIAN PLAN FOR EARTH.mp4

15.91 MB

  Exposed History of Man 17 -- REPTILIANS MANIPULATE NATURE.mp4

15.36 MB

  Exposed History of Man 18 --REPTILIANS PROGRAMMED HUMANS.mp4

12.33 MB

  Exposed History of Man 19 -- Reptilians designs Language.mp4

12.27 MB

  Exposed History of Man 2- The Reptilians.mp4

13.68 MB

  Exposed History of Man 20 -- SIRIANS DECEIVED MANKIND.mp4

15.84 MB

  Exposed History of Man 21 -- REPTILIANS ENSLAVES HEAVEN.mp4

14.59 MB

  Exposed History of Man 22 -- MAN ,MARDUK and Reptilians.mp4

14.59 MB

  Exposed History of Man 23 -- Reptilians create Heaven.mp4

14.22 MB

  Exposed History of Man 24 - The 7Reptilian Days of Creation.mp4

14.74 MB

  Exposed History of Man 25 -- Reptilians Create Death.mp4

11.23 MB

  Exposed History of Man 26 -- Reptilians + Adam + Eve.mp4

16.11 MB

  Exposed History of Man 27 -- Reptilians Create Pain.mp4

14.47 MB

  Exposed History of Man 28 -- Reptilians CONTROL spacetime.mp4

14.77 MB

  Exposed History of Man 29 -- Reptilians and GHOSTS.mp4

10.72 MB

  Exposed History of Man 3 Alcyone The Universal Library.mp4

13.86 MB

  Exposed History of Man 30 -- Reptilians Control White light.mp4

13.83 MB

  Exposed History of Man 31 -- Reptilians and the SOUL PRISON.mp4

14.64 MB

  Exposed History of Man 32 -- Reptilians Create The Soul.mp4

16.02 MB

  Exposed History of Man 33 -- Reptilians Create Channelling.mp4

12.30 MB

  Exposed History of Man 34 -- Reptilians Create Psychics.mp4

10.61 MB

  Exposed History of Man 35 -- Karma and Reptilians.mp4

13.46 MB

  Exposed History of Man 36 -- Reptilians create Demons.mp4

14.67 MB

  Exposed History of Man 37 -- DEBT SLAVERY and Reptilians.mp4

14.94 MB

  Exposed History of Man 38 -- Reptilians control Culture.mp4

13.34 MB

  Exposed History of Man 39 -- Where are the REPTILIANS NOW.mp4

15.35 MB

  Exposed History of Man 4 --Reptilians designed Gravity.mp4

15.26 MB

  Exposed History of Man 40 UFO's EXPOSED fake or real.mp4

15.86 MB

  Exposed History of Man 41 - DNA and SHAPESHIFTING.mp4

11.68 MB

  Exposed History of Man 42 Reptilian Minds in HUMANS.mp4

12.71 MB

  Exposed History of Man 43 -- Sumerians EXPOSED.mp4

14.75 MB

  Exposed History of Man 44 Akashic Recordand The Reptilians.mp4

13.29 MB

  Exposed History of Man 45 -- Kryon and The Reptilians.mp4

14.87 MB

  Exposed History of Man 46 Noah's Ark and The Reptilians.mp4

13.57 MB

  Exposed History of Man 47 -- Reptilian Hidden ELITE.mp4

16.25 MB

  Exposed History of Man 48 -- Reptilians use TELEVISION.mp4

15.51 MB

  Exposed History of Man 49 Exposing Indigo ChildrenDESTENI.mp4

15.05 MB

  Exposed History of Man 5 - Reptilians made earth solid.mp4

14.04 MB

  Exposed History of Man 50 -- Reptilians and WORDS.mp4

15.03 MB

  Exposed History of Man 51 -- Reptilians and Music.mp4

12.04 MB

  Exposed History of Man 52 -- Reptilians and Fashion.mp4

14.85 MB

  Exposed History of Man 53 -- The End-- Compressing Reality.mp4

12.65 MB

  Exposed History of Man 54 -- Reptilians and Religion.mp4

14.38 MB

  Exposed History of Man 55 -- Reptilians and TIME.mp4

11.50 MB

  Exposed History of Man 56 -- Accidents-- What cause this in.mp4

15.02 MB

  Exposed History of Man 57 -- Retilians and DISEASE.mp4

13.82 MB

  Exposed History of Man 58 -- Child Abuse EXPOSED.mp4

12.07 MB

  Exposed History of Man 59 --Reptilians and Diversity.mp4

12.69 MB

  Exposed History of Man 6 -- The AtlanteansThe Reptilians.mp4

12.91 MB

  Exposed History of Man 60 --Reptilians and Competition.mp4

15.39 MB

  Exposed History of Man 62 --Reptilians and Personality.mp4

13.69 MB

  Exposed History of Man 63 --The SECRET of EARTH.mp4

14.95 MB

  Exposed History of Man 64 --Indigo Practical Support.mp4

13.10 MB

  Exposed History of Man 65 --Is Earth HOLLOW.mp4

7.29 MB

  Exposed History of Man 66 --Cities under Earth Exposed.mp4

10.31 MB

  Exposed History of Man 67 Fear of Self Intimacy.mp4

15.00 MB

  Exposed History of Man 68 Exposing Esoteric Cults DESTENI.mp4

16.03 MB

  Exposed History of Man 69 Money Enslavement EXPOSED.mp4

14.83 MB

  Exposed History of Man 7- The Reptilians and Creation.mp4

14.28 MB

  Exposed History of Man 70 Invisible College Exposed DESTENI.mp4

15.65 MB

  Exposed History of Man 71- Sex and Sexuality.mp4

15.31 MB

  Exposed History of Man 72- Sex in Relationship.mp4

16.17 MB

  Exposed History of Man 73- No SEX please.mp4

15.18 MB

  Exposed History of Man 74- Trapped in Sex.mp4

15.30 MB

  Exposed History of Man 75- Breaking The Sex Bond.mp4

10.72 MB

  Exposed History of Man 76- Menstruation PAINS.mp4

15.33 MB

  Exposed History of Man 77- SEX and Masturbation.mp4

14.41 MB

  Exposed History of Man 78- SEX and Masturbation SUPPORT.mp4

14.58 MB

  Exposed History of Man 79- Spiritual Sex.mp4

16.59 MB

  Exposed History of Man 8- The Reptilian Book of Ani.mp4

14.82 MB

  Exposed History of Man 80- Sex, Oh God, Sex.mp4

14.28 MB

  Exposed History of Man 81- Sexual Meditation.mp4

13.21 MB

  Exposed History of Man 82- SEX and Spiritual ORGASM.mp4

14.52 MB

  Exposed History of Man 83 - Paranoia Explained.mp4

14.44 MB

  Exposed History of Man 84 - Alien Abduction Exposed.mp4

15.81 MB

  Exposed History of Man 85 - Who inhabits the Universe.mp4

9.89 MB

  Exposed History of Man 86 - Man Creates SystemDemons.mp4

15.39 MB

  Exposed History of Man 87 - Telepathy Understood.mp4

8.41 MB

  Exposed History of Man 88 - WORLD HUNGER CREATED.mp4

8.41 MB

  Exposed History of Man 89 - Astral Projection Exposed.mp4

15.40 MB

  Exposed History of Man 9- Reptilians and the Apeman.mp4

13.90 MB

  Exposed History of Man 90 - Only One Portal.mp4

15.40 MB

  Exposed History of Man 91 - 2012 Exposed.mp4

16.06 MB

  Exposed History of Man 92 - OverView of Process of New World.mp4

17.87 MB

  Exposed History of Man 93 - Knowledge is USELESS.mp4

11.87 MB

  Exposed History of Man 94 - The Second Death.mp4

16.02 MB

  Exposed History of Man 95 - Travelling after Death.mp4

10.64 MB

  Exposed History of Man 96 - Starting point of Creation.mp4

14.02 MB

  Exposed History of Man 97 - When will my LIFE change.mp4

15.81 MB

  Exposed History of Man 98 - Man Enlightened Yet.mp4

14.22 MB

  Exposed History of Man 99 - Earth Youself- BirthYourself.mp4

15.89 MB

 The Solution as -


13.69 MB


15.28 MB

  The SOLUTION as ATTENTION as Breath of Life.mp4

14.24 MB

  The SOLUTION as BREATH in Every Moment.mp4

13.34 MB

  The SOLUTION as EQUALITY in Practical Application.mp4

14.96 MB

  The SOLUTION as ONENESS as Realization.mp4

16.81 MB


13.78 MB


14.77 MB


15.19 MB


16.16 MB


14.50 MB

  The SOLUTION of Changing the Past as Guiltlessness.mp4

14.95 MB

  The SOLUTION when Realiing that I am HERE.mp4

9.52 MB

  The SOLUTION when Realizing that FEAR SUCKS.mp4

13.38 MB

  The SOLUTION when Realizing that I am HERE.mp4

9.53 MB

 Uncategorized Videos

  AIDS speaking from EXISTENCE 1 DESTENI.mp4

15.34 MB

  Beauty Demon.mp4

14.84 MB

  Big Bang and First Impression of Life as Awareness.mp4

13.58 MB

  Child Abuse Demon.mp4

5.51 MB

  Christopher Reeve 2 from Heaven Why we support illness.mp4

7.23 MB

  Desteni Alien Morphing - High Quality.mp4

5.69 MB

  Desteni interviews.mp4

1.31 MB

  DESTENI reveals Interdimensional PORTAL Activities.mp4

11.88 MB

  EndGame Revealed All Mysteries and Secrets Must SEE.mp4

3.56 MB

  Faust - Relationship Exposed DESTENI.mp4

13.63 MB

  Fear as Consciousness DESTENI.mp4

3.67 MB

  Here I explain how I stop Enslavery of this mind.mp4

8.66 MB

  Imagine - this Gift- do YOU want it Become a STAR.mp4

2.81 MB

  Jack on Illnesses, Diseases, Bacteria and Virusses.mp4

9.29 MB

  Jack-- 21 Days to Self Freedom Expounded.mp4

10.66 MB

  Life as who I am DESTENI.mp4

5.85 MB

  Love as Consciousness Exposed DESTENI.mp4

6.54 MB

  LSNewsReport -UFO Fleets exposed as Tesla Weather Technology.mp4

9.65 MB

  Only in America-- Obesity and Burgers.mp4

14.62 MB

  Practical Self Honesty when Bumping in the Cow in the Shop.mp4

12.77 MB

  Prophecies and Predictions for 2007 TILL 2012.mp4

3.60 MB

  Recognising Who is STUPID - The Sound of REVOLUTION.mp4

10.39 MB

  Reptile Woman AfterlifeI was POSSESSED by 17 HOOKERS.mp4

13.82 MB

  Reptilian Babies were PART of THE REPTILIAN Plan for earth.mp4

11.30 MB

  SATAN on Deception DESTENI.mp4

12.69 MB

  Structural Resonance SM.mp4

9.07 MB

  The Death of a Video Game Addict.mp4

13.19 MB

  US Anderson from Afterlife - Drugs and Enlightenment.mp4

13.84 MB

  USR Daily News Report - Angelina Jolie found her POWER.mp4

14.45 MB

  USR Daily News Report - Britney Spears's life CRASHING.mp4

13.79 MB

  USRNewsReport - The Perfect Circle of NanoTech.mp4

12.81 MB

 Veno Inyerviews

  Veno and The Matrix

   Veno 10 Matrix 8 on Secret of SelfSupport.mp4

14.96 MB

   Veno 11 Matrix 9 on Secret of SelfDirection.mp4

13.10 MB

   Veno 9 Matrix 7 on Secret of Thought Creation.mp4

14.21 MB

   Veno on Matrix 1 - The SECRET of Humans.mp4

15.32 MB

   Veno on Matrix 2 - The Secret of the MIND.mp4

15.53 MB

   Veno on Matrix 3- The Secret of Relationships.mp4

14.98 MB

   Veno on Matrix 4 The Secret of The Machines.mp4

15.19 MB

   Veno on Matrix 5- The Secret of MindControl.mp4

15.04 MB

   Veno on Matrix 6- The Secret of Personality.mp4

14.87 MB

  Veno explaining the InterDimensional Portal.mp4

11.98 MB


9.04 MB

  Veno from HEAVEN on Abortion and Stillborn Babies DESTENI.mp4

14.59 MB

  Veno from Heaven on ENERGY BEINGS in reality.mp4

11.71 MB

  Veno on Holographics as Zeitgeist Is this REAL.mp4

15.35 MB

  Veno on Multiple Personalities DESTENI.mp4

10.17 MB

  Veno-- Clarification on CrossOver Interviews.mp4

9.28 MB

  Veno-- The Nature of HeadAches.mp4

12.43 MB

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   Meet Your Meat Part 1 of 2.mp4

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11.03 MB

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0.18 KB

  Pluto - Age of DeConstruction.mp4

15.22 MB

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8.78 MB

 Winged Interview

  Winged 1-Portal - Meeting CrossOvers at Moment of DEATH.mp4

24.90 MB

  Winged 10 -Portal - Dimensional Planes Exposed.mp4

10.56 MB

  Winged 11 -Portal - Planets in Earth Exposed.mp4

6.98 MB

  Winged 12 -Portal - Face to Face with Higher Self.mp4

14.18 MB

  Winged 13 -Portal - Face to Face with the One Atom God.mp4

14.99 MB

  Winged 14 -Portal - Face to Face to God Self.mp4

13.87 MB

  Winged 15 -Portal - One Dimension for ALL - The GOLDEN age.mp4

14.77 MB

  Winged 16 -Portal - The Game Lords controlled Reptilians.mp4

14.38 MB

  Winged 17 -Portal - The White Light Brotherhood Exposed.mp4

13.71 MB

  Winged 18 -Portal - Attacked by Aids and STOPPED it.mp4

15.19 MB

  Winged 19 -Portal - Meeting Satan Face to Face.mp4

8.69 MB

  Winged 2 -Portal - Meeting Demons as LOST HUMANS.mp4

16.02 MB

  Winged 20 -Portal - Meeting The Devil Face to Face.mp4

14.33 MB

  Winged 3 -Portal - The Goddess of Creation Exposed.mp4

15.15 MB

  Winged 4 -Portal - My Mum Died- I am 16 years old.mp4

14.53 MB

  Winged 5 -Portal - Making my Own Way- Workin in Cafe Alive.mp4

13.28 MB

  Winged 6 -Portal - Starting a new Life.mp4

13.90 MB

  Winged 7 -Portal - Catching Demons - They are so FAST.mp4

12.41 MB

  Winged 8 -Portal - Seeing in one Moment- Realising Myself.mp4

14.08 MB

  Winged 9 -Portal - My Fall and My Stand Up.mp4

16.05 MB

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