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Name:Nautical charts

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Charts (Size: 52.57 GB) (Files: 207)



   BSB Charts

    BSB United States.rar

4.13 GB


1.24 GB


459.61 MB


340.90 MB

    US Pilot Charts (OpenCPN Team).rar

293.37 MB

    BSB Turku Åboland nautical chart fin D.rar

291.76 MB

    BSB Aland nautical chart.rar

260.46 MB

    BSB Svir' River.rar

224.10 MB


197.41 MB

    BSB Sweden SE Nautical charts.rar

135.32 MB

    BSB Stockholm_nautical charts.rar

118.82 MB

    BSB Swedish Eastcoast_incl_Gotland_nautical_charts.rar

118.58 MB


117.86 MB

    BSB Danmark_Nautical_chart.rar

105.46 MB

    BSB Norway_S._Nautical_charts_A-D.rar

90.53 MB


85.44 MB


84.82 MB


74.02 MB


58.32 MB

    BSB Germany-Baltic.rar

55.80 MB

    PilotCharts_North Atlantic Central.rar

53.74 MB


52.54 MB

    PilotCharts_South Pacific Charts.rar

44.43 MB


43.53 MB

    PilotCharts_North Atlantic West.rar

43.44 MB

    PilotCharts_Indian Ocean.rar

41.35 MB


40.64 MB

    BSB Adriatic Sea nautical charts.rar

38.54 MB


38.53 MB


36.46 MB


35.70 MB

    BSB Brazil.rar

34.69 MB

    PilotCharts_North Atlantic North.rar

33.02 MB


31.09 MB


30.34 MB


21.23 MB


16.61 MB


16.36 MB


13.51 MB


8.69 MB

    BSB The_Netherlands_ Nautical_charts_ ozi_explorer.rar

4.64 MB


3.57 MB

    New York.jpg

3.12 MB


2.70 MB

  CM93 ed2 & ed3 Charts

   CM93 ed2

    April 2002


776.65 MB

    January 2010


919.69 MB

    July 2003

     July 2003.rar

247.35 MB

    June 2008


905.11 MB

    March 2006


889.31 MB

    May 2010


919.67 MB


7.03 MB

   CM93S57 ed3



264.51 KB

    World Issue Number 196 (January 14, 2004)


687.10 MB

    World Issue Number 205 (January 14, 2005)


686.65 MB

    World Issue Number 397 (August 20, 2008)


697.66 MB

    World Issue Number 449 (April 2010 Week 13)

     World Issue Number 449 (April 2010 Week 13).rar

697.72 MB

    Tested with MaxSea versions and dKart Navigator v.5.32.txt

0.00 KB




269.60 KB



3.10 MB

   Inland ENC


9.11 MB


1.23 MB


750.01 KB


515.24 KB


155.24 KB



15.63 MB



15.47 MB



475.94 MB



    HDR_Acapulco Mexico To San Diego.rar

44.31 MB



112.71 MB



24.50 MB



39.51 MB



131.51 MB


    HDR_New Zealand North.rar

133.03 MB



84.97 MB


    HDR_Tyrrhenian Sea.rar

91.86 MB



44.96 MB



87.68 MB



31.16 MB




     CD004_01 Kortaska Island.map

246.94 MB


     CD006_02 NorwayA.map

453.59 MB


     CD007_02 NorwayB.map

480.94 MB


     CD008_02 NorwayC.map

379.25 MB


     CD012_01 East Spain Baleares.map

424.22 MB


     CD012_02 East Spain Baleares.map

510.84 MB


     CD014_01 English Channel.map

365.16 MB


     CD014_02 English Channel.map

541.09 MB


     CD015_03 West Sweden.map

412.19 MB


     CD016_01 South Spain & Portugal.map

403.00 MB


     CD016_02 South Spain & Portugal.map

462.41 MB


     CD017_02 Caribbean Sea.map

447.94 MB


     CD017_xx Caribbean Sea (imray version)..map

262.03 MB


     CD018_03 Denmark.map

447.47 MB


     CD019_02 Sweden East.map

481.31 MB


     CD020_02 France Mediterranean.map

548.00 MB


     CD021_02 France Atlantique.map

447.94 MB


     CD021_04b France Atlantique.map

345.88 MB


     CD021_04 France Atlantique.map

350.53 MB


     CD022_01 Barents Sea.map

191.03 MB


     CD023_01 Finland.map

459.75 MB


     CD024_01 Finland - Saimaa Canal And District.map

152.94 MB


     CD025_02 NorwayD.MAP

324.91 MB


     CD026_01 Polynesie.map

488.13 MB


     CD027_04 The Netherlands.map

283.66 MB


     CD028_06 Small craft charts - Netherlands.map

108.31 MB


     CD029_02 Germany.map

425.56 MB


     CD030_01 North Spain.map

271.72 MB


     CD030_02 North Spain.map

389.00 MB


     CD032_02 New Zealand & South West Pacific Ocean.map

576.63 MB


     CD033_01 Norway Fiskeriplottekart.map

191.94 MB


     CD034_02 North Sweden.map

366.72 MB


     CD036_01 Ireland Sea.map

414.13 MB


     CD036_03 Ireland.MAP

647.44 MB

    CD037_01 North Italy & Sardinia

     CD037_01 North Italy & Sardinia.map

284.72 MB

    CD037_02 North Italy

     CD037_02 North Italy.map

445.66 MB

    CD038_02 South Italy

     CD038_02 South Italy.map

230.63 MB

    CD039_01 East Italy

     CD039_01 East Italy.map

175.97 MB

    CD040_01 France Manche (Brest - Dunkerque)

     CD040_01 France Manche (Brest - Dunkerque).map

480.16 MB

    CD040_02 France Manche

     CD040_02 France Manche.map

538.53 MB

    CD042_01 Faeroe Islands

     CD042_01 Faeroe Islands.map

18.50 MB

    CD043_01 Mauritania To Cote D'ivoire

     CD043_01 Mauritania To Cote D'ivoire.map

87.56 MB

    CD043_02 Northwest of Africa

     CD043_02 Northwest of Africa.map

221.69 MB

    CD044_01 Sportschiffahrtskarten

     CD044_01 Sportschiffahrtskarten.map

168.50 MB

    CD045_01 Rhine Neckar Mozel

     CD045_01 Rhine Neckar Mozel.map

405.38 MB

    CD047_01 Caribbean - Panama - Peru

     CD047_01 Caribbean - Panama - Peru.map

142.66 MB

    CD047_02 Caribbean-Panama-Peru

     CD047_02 Caribbean-Panama-Peru.map

157.19 MB

    CD048_01 Adriatic Sea Eastern coast

     CD048_01 Adriatic Sea Eastern coast.map

102.28 MB

    CD050_02 Southeast Sweden

     CD050_02 Southeast Sweden.map

316.88 MB


     CD051_01 Alaska-Bering-Okhotsk Sea.map

273.28 MB


     CD052N_03 Nederlandse Binnenwateren.map

483.19 MB


     CD052_03 Nederlandse Binnenwateren.map

368.59 MB


     CD054_01 Chile.map

360.25 MB


     CD055_01 Norway Harbour.map

155.88 MB


     CD056_01 Afrique du Sud.map

223.72 MB

    CD057N_01 Around the world

     CD057N_01 Around the world.map

431.53 MB

    CD057S_01 Around the world

     CD057S_01 Around the world.map

483.56 MB

    CD058_01 Colombia - Venezuela

     CD058_01 Colombia - Venezuela.map

274.34 MB

    CD059_01 Afrique centre W

     CD059_01 Afrique centre W.map

388.66 MB


     CD060_01 Florida.map

331.41 MB


     CD061_01 Bahamas.map

375.34 MB


     CD063_01 Cape Henry to Cape Race.MAP

449.47 MB

    CD064N_01 Gulf of St Lawrence

     CD064N_01 Gulf of St Lawrence.map

581.47 MB

    CD064S_01 Gulf of St Lawrence

     CD064S_01 Gulf of St Lawrence.map

561.06 MB


     CD065_01 Finistere Mer Iroise.map

246.72 MB

    CD066_01 East England

     CD066_01 East England.map

470.97 MB


     CD067_01 Scotland.map

620.88 MB


     CD069_01 North Africa.map

486.44 MB

    CD071_01 German Channels

     CD071_01 German Channels.map

607.91 MB

    CD072_01 New Zealand - North Island East

     CD072_01 New Zealand - North Island East.map

193.75 MB

    CD073_01 Finland Aland To Helsinki

     CD073_01 Finland Aland To Helsinki.map

273.56 MB

    CD074_01 Isles of Atlantic

     CD074_01 Isles of Atlantic.map

116.31 MB

    CD075_01 Greece - Turkey

     CD075_01 Greece - Turkey.map

299.22 MB


     CD076_01 Lacs Suisses.map

111.97 MB

    CD077_01 Fiji Islands

     CD077_01 Fiji Islands.map

140.50 MB

    CD078_01 Haiti - Dominican Rep

     CD078_01 Haiti - Dominican Rep.map

294.41 MB


     CD079_01 Cuba.map

88.00 MB

    CD080_01 Puerto Rico & Us Virgin Islands

     CD080_01 Puerto Rico & Us Virgin Islands.map

313.31 MB

    CD081_01 Greenland West

     CD081_01 Greenland West.map

607.18 MB

    CD082_01 Greenland NW & E coast

     CD082_01 Greenland NW & E coast.map

163.69 MB

    CD209_01 Nouvelle Caledonie

     CD209_01 Nouvelle Caledonie.map

251.47 MB

    CD209_02 Nouvelle Caledonie

     CD209_02 Nouvelle Caledonie.map

328.75 MB

    CD214_01 Comores Islands - North Madagascar

     CD214_01 Comores Islands - North Madagascar.map

18.72 MB

    CD259_01 Mediterranean Sea

     CD259_01 Mediterranean Sea.map

399.78 MB

    CD259_02 Mediterranean Sea

     CD259_02 Mediterranean Sea.map

621.31 MB

    CD261_01 Western Coast of Africa - Guiana - Brazil - Senegal

     CD261_01 Western Coast of Africa - Guiana - Brazil - Senegal.map

242.53 MB

    CD263_01 Cartes Sedimentologiques

     CD263_01 Cartes Sedimentologiques.map

475.47 MB

    CD272_01 Newport - Bermuda race

     CD272_01 Newport - Bermuda race.map

222.06 MB

    CD275_01 Mer Rouge

     CD275_01 Mer Rouge.map

155.09 MB


     CD277_01 Uruguay and Argentina.map

206.66 MB


     CD277_02 Falklands - Argentine-1995.map.BAK

211.56 MB

     CD277_02 Falklands - Argentine-1995.map

211.56 MB

    CD278_01 Route du Rhum

     CD278_01 Route du Rhum.map

27.66 MB

    CD278_02 Islands Of Atlantic Imray

     CD278_02 Islands Of Atlantic Imray.map

44.13 MB


     CD282_01 Atlantic Passages.map

139.75 MB


     CD283_01 Svalbar.map

125.13 MB

    CD284_01 Indian Ocean

     CD284_01 Indian Ocean.map

443.53 MB

    CD287_01 South Africa and South Atlantic Islands

     CD287_01 South Africa and South Atlantic Islands.map

43.97 MB

    CD288_01 Kingfisher Charts

     CD288_01 Kingfisher Charts.map

27.53 MB

    CD290_01 Vendee Globe

     CD290_01 Vendee Globe.map

228.31 MB

    CD298_01_Indian Ocean and Red Sea

     CD298_01 Indian Ocean - Red Sea.map

188.34 MB



99.91 MB



66.59 MB

    CD321_01 La Seine

     CD321_01 La Seine.map

52.66 MB

   How to install MapMedia Charts

    How to install MapMedia Charts.rar

8.45 KB

 Charts Software

  BSB ENC Charts viewer



13.26 KB



1.51 MB



22.31 MB



18.24 MB



3.74 MB

   Global Mapper 10

    Global Mapper 10.rar

26.63 MB

   Global Mapper v11.02.DC042310 x86 & x64 Regged-REDT


38.07 MB


28.23 MB



15.08 MB

  Softwre ECDIS

   dKart Navigator 5.32


     dKartNavigator 5.32.rar

36.38 MB

   Fugawi Marine ENC


44.22 MB

   How to install MapMedia Charts

    How to install MapMedia Charts.rar

8.45 KB

   Maptech Chart Navigator Pro 1.1.58

    Maptech Chart Navigator Pro 1.1.58.rar

234.73 MB

   MaxSea v.



415.75 MB

   MaxSea v.


332.38 MB

   MaxSea v. (no support CM93 ed2 Charts)


376.49 MB

   Nobeltec Admiral 7.0.780 WF22 10.11.2003

    Nobeltec Admiral v.7.0.780



526.08 MB

    WF22 10.11.2003



693.20 MB



14.52 MB

   Raymarine Raytech Navigator v.6.1 build 6325

    Raymarine Raytech Navigator v.6.1 build 6325.rar

147.79 MB

 Symbols and Abreviations

  Symbols And Abreviations Used On Admirality Charts Edition 3.pdf

36.46 MB

  US Nautical Chart Symbols Abbreviations and Terms.pdf

35.05 MB

  Symbols And Abreviations Used On Admirality Charts Edition 4.pdf

12.40 MB

  NP735. IALA maritime buoyage system, edition 6, 2006.pdf

2.53 MB


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