Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Name:Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Total Size: 1.35 GB

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Bestiary (Size: 1.35 GB) (Files: 143)


  Fell Beasts II.pdf

5.39 MB

  Fell Beasts I.pdf

4.03 MB

  Fell Beasts III.pdf

1.33 MB


  Adventure Modules

   U1 - Gallery Of Evil.pdf

11.62 MB

   J2 - Guardians of Dragonfall.pdf

9.34 MB

   W3 - Flight of the Red Raven.pdf

8.49 MB

   E1 - Carnival of Tears.pdf

7.42 MB

   J1 - Entombed With The Pharaohs.pdf

6.99 MB

   Masks of the Living God.pdf

6.47 MB

   W2 - River into Darkness.pdf

6.18 MB

   Crypt of the Everflame LV1.pdf

6.18 MB

   LB1 - Tower of the Last Baron.pdf

5.87 MB

   Revenge of the Kobold King LV 5 (OGL).pdf

5.19 MB

   U2 - Hangman's Noose.pdf

5.00 MB

   D2 - Seven Swords of Sin.pdf

4.91 MB

   D3 - The Demon Within.pdf

4.54 MB

   J3 - Crucible of Chaos.pdf

4.42 MB

   W1 - Conquest Of Bloodsworn Valey.pdf

4.21 MB

   D4 - Hungry are the Dead.pdf

4.04 MB

   TC1 - Into the Haunted Forest.pdf

3.82 MB

   Hollow’s Last Hope LV1.pdf

3.27 MB

  Adventure Paths

   Curse of the Crimson Throne

    Crown of Fangs.pdf

30.38 MB

    Crown of Fangs 6.pdf

30.38 MB

    Edge of Anarchy.pdf

17.31 MB

    Edge of Anarchy 1.pdf

17.31 MB

    A History of Ashes 4.pdf

15.93 MB

    A History of Ashes.pdf

15.93 MB

    Skeletons of Scarwall 5.pdf

15.45 MB

    Skeletons of Scarwall.pdf

15.45 MB

    Escape From Old Korvosa.pdf

14.78 MB

    Escape From Old Korvosa 3.pdf

14.78 MB

    Seven Days to the Grave.pdf

14.27 MB

    Seven Days to the Grave 2.pdf

14.27 MB

    Curse of the Crimson Throne Player’s Guide.pdf

8.21 MB

    Players Guide.pdf

8.21 MB


    Stolen Land 1.pdf

22.70 MB

    Rivers RunRed 2.pdf

22.28 MB

    The Varnhold 3.pdf

21.61 MB


2.81 MB

   Rise of the Rune Lords

    The Skinsaw Murders 2.pdf

29.68 MB

    The Hook Mountain Massacre 3.pdf

26.05 MB

    Burnt Offerings 1.pdf

26.02 MB

    Fortress of the Stone Giants 4.pdf

23.82 MB

    Spires of Xin-Shalast 6.pdf

23.60 MB

    Sins of the Saviors 5.pdf

17.12 MB


4.69 MB

   Second Darkness

    Shadow in the Sky.pdf

15.97 MB

    Children of the Void.pdf

12.02 MB

    Armageddon Echo.pdf

11.39 MB

    Endless Night.pdf

10.84 MB

    Player's Guide.pdf

6.55 MB

   Legacy of Fire.pdf

7.99 MB




144.23 KB


7.84 MB

   wiz test 1.xls

7.77 MB


7.77 MB


7.76 MB


7.76 MB


354.23 KB


353.29 KB


288.99 KB


147.03 KB


144.57 KB


143.84 KB


143.80 KB


142.31 KB


142.21 KB


141.69 KB

   d1 spells.pdf

12.33 KB

   d spells.pdf

12.15 KB


7.82 KB

   slate sp.pdf

7.36 KB

   oparal sp.pdf

5.52 KB


   Pathfinder Chronicles - Campaign Setting.pdf

29.24 MB

   Guide to Darkmoon Vale.pdf

11.73 MB

   Map Folio.pdf

10.79 MB

   Dragons Revisited.pdf

9.37 MB

   Dark Markets, a Guide to Katapesh.pdf

9.12 MB

   Gods and Magic.pdf

8.94 MB

   Into the Darklands.pdf

8.52 MB

   Guide to Korvosa.pdf

8.25 MB


7.92 MB

   Chronicles Classic Monsters Revisited.pdf

7.85 MB


7.18 MB

  Core Rulebook.pdf

79.15 MB


49.57 MB

  Gm Screen.pdf

5.70 MB


4.99 MB

  Bonus Bestiary.pdf

4.86 MB

  Conversion Guide.pdf

3.50 MB

  Character Sheet.pdf

138.46 KB


  Harrow Deck.pdf

6.65 MB

  Harrow Deck Chronicle Cards.pdf

871.41 KB

  Harrow Deck Rulebook.pdf

566.93 KB


  S00-10 Blood at Dralkard Manor.pdf

2.22 MB

  S00-09 Eye of the Crocodile King.pdf

1.66 MB

  S00-11 The Third Riddle.pdf

1.62 MB

  S00-02 The Hydras Fang Incident.pdf

1.55 MB

  S00-01 Silent Tide.pdf

1.52 MB

  S00-12 Stay of Execution.pdf

1.50 MB

  S00-04 Frozen Fingers of Midnight.pdf

1.49 MB

  S00-08 Slave Pits of Absalom.pdf

1.41 MB

  S00-03 Murder on the Silken Caravan.pdf

1.38 MB

  S00-07 Among the Living.pdf

1.30 MB

  S00-06 Black Waters.pdf

1.27 MB

  S00-05 Mists of Mwangi.pdf

1.10 MB

 Core Rulebook.pdf

79.15 MB


49.57 MB

 Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide.pdf

40.09 MB

 Tome of Secrets.pdf

36.82 MB

 SNA - Augmented -All.pdf

28.08 MB

 Summon Monster -All.pdf

25.98 MB

 Summon Monster Augmented -All.pdf

25.19 MB

 Summon Nature's Ally -All.pdf

24.32 MB

 Guide to Korvosa.pdf

8.25 MB

 Taldor, Echoes of Glory.pdf

8.15 MB

 Legacy of Fire Player's Guide.pdf

8.10 MB

 Second Darkness.pdf

6.55 MB

 Masks of the Living God.pdf

6.47 MB

 DMs Screen.pdf

5.70 MB

 Osirion, Land of Pharaohs.pdf

5.67 MB

 Revenge of the Kobold King.pdf

5.19 MB


4.99 MB

 Bonus Bestiary.pdf

4.86 MB

 Player's Guide.pdf

4.69 MB

 Qadira, Gateway to the East.pdf

4.41 MB

 Cheliax, Empire of Devils.pdf

4.23 MB

 Elves of Golarion.pdf

4.13 MB

 Conversion Guide.pdf

3.50 MB

 Summoner and Witch.pdf

3.06 MB

 Alchemist and Inquisitor.pdf

2.61 MB

 Cavalier and Oracle.pdf

2.20 MB

 Prestige Class Enhancement.pdf

1.78 MB

 Council of Theives.pdf

1.69 MB

 Magic Item Addendum.pdf

1.53 MB

 Character Traits.pdf

602.90 KB

 Pathfinder-« Character Traits.pdf

505.07 KB


431.40 KB

 Pathfinder Conversions (Ninja to Wu Jen).pdf

406.67 KB


400.65 KB

 Magic of Thassilon.pdf

312.78 KB


266.28 KB

 Pathfinder Compatible New Classes.pdf

96.97 KB


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Torrent description

Heres a reupload of my earlier torrent of my personal collection of Pathfinder books.

Ive gotten them from several torrents, and some from the Paizo site itself.

Trashed some repeat pdfs, sorted a bunch, and cleared out corrupt files.

Hopefully this helps.

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