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SWeeT 90's Bootable DOS Games Collection CD

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SWeeT 90's Bootable DOS Games Collection CD

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Name:SWeeT 90's Bootable DOS Games Collection CD

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== ================ ==
== == SWeeT 90's == ==
== ================ ==
== ==
== sakaali's SWeeT 90's bootable DOS games collection CD ==

i) introduction
Well, I just felt it necessary to gather my favorites in one place.
As I was born in the mid-80's, the first part of the 90's was pretty important
for me, that's why I'll always have some nostalgic feeling about that time.
And the spirit of those years include of course the games with which we used
to play with then. I recently bought a 486 and felt it quite complicated to
set up a well working system with of course many games worth playing. So I
decided to compile a CD with my and my buddies' favorite games, an extremely
handy CD which is bootable and which includes everything that is necessary to
set up a mid-90's PC 'game station'. So one can boot the computer, partition
and format hard disks, sys the HDD, put DOS and all the best games of those
years on it, and the only thing they need for all these is a CD. Quite
practical. And of course most of the games will run from the CD (however you
obviously can't save your game or settings in this case) without touching even
a byte on your hard drives so you can certainly use it also with a high-end
computer to play some classics in their classic environment.
(Yes, I know not all computers can boot from a CD that's why I included
the bootdisk part of this CD also in a file called SW90BOOT.IMZ which could be
'burnt' byte-by-byte onto a 3.5" floppy disk with a tool called WinImage and
problem is solved.)

ii) how to use
* If needed, set your CD-ROM drive as primary boot device in the BIOS Setup.
* Put the CD in and reboot.
* You should meet an MS-DOS boot menu from which you could choose several ways
to start up the system. Most games will run with the Minimal Boot option,
however some others need expanded memory (EMS). PC's are different and it's
quite impossible to boot up all those to work with the same efficiency. That's
why you can choose from different memory areas where EMS should be set up. For
example my Benq notebook won't start up with EMS set to the E000 area,
although this setting is perfect for most computers. So you have to try and
see which setting is the best for you. You can also start up with USB flash
drive support onto which you can copy games that don't work when running from
CD due to the write protection or whatever. (Remember that DOS 6.22 doesn't
support NTFS or FAT32 drives, so make sure that you've formatted your flash
drive with FAT file system.)
* After you've selected your booting method, you'll eventually end up in
Volkov Commander. If you have more CD drives and SWeeT 90's CD isn't in the
first one, you'll meet an error dialog box, but don't worry, just select Abort
and press E (or F or who knows if you have that many CD drives) and the
contents of the disc will reveal.
* Go inside the GAMES directory (you can jump between panels with the Tab key)
by pressing Enter then choose your game and run it. If it warns you about
memory errors, just reboot and try another setting in the boot menu.

iii) known issues
* Some games won't work when running from CD due to write protection, ie.
they'd need space to create temporary files in order to run or something but
they obviously cannot. (Don't forget to remove the Read-Only attribute if you
copy files from CD to HDD.)
* Tested on 4 physical computers (Asus P4S800, Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G, Benq
Joybook A53, Soyo SY-5VA) and a virtual one (MS Virtual PC 2004). Best EMS
settings for them, respectively: CC00, E000, C000, C000, E000.
* USB flash drive driver is far from perfect but if you're lucky it'll work.
Plug your flash drive in and unplug all other USB devices before booting.
Anyway some newer machines which can boot from USB devices also have a native
support for USB flash disks so don't be surprised if you can see your USB
stuff even when booting with some other booting option.
* Mouse driver normally supports USB mice but if you choose the USB flash
drive booting option, sadly your mouse won't work so use a serial or PS/2 one.
* Since many games lock up if set to use sound card and can't find it (DOS
can't really co-operate with modern integrated sound cards), all games' sound
preferences (if they have at all) are set to use PC speaker or not to produce
any sound. Copy games to a hard disk to change settings.

iv) contents
Bootdisk part:
* an MS-DOS 6.22 bootdisk with multi-choose boot menu
* Fdisk.exe, and to create your DOS hard drive
* drivers for CD-ROM, mouse, USB flash drive
* Arj, PkZip, Rar archivers
* VPic picture viewer
* DLHex hex editor
* CPU slower for fast machines
* Volkov Commander

CD part:
* MSDOS directory:
Every single file MS-DOS 6.22 installs (not more, not less).
* GAMES directory:
7upspot 7UP Spot 1990, Virgin
aladdin Aladdin 1994, Disney-Virgin
alcatraz Alcatraz 1992, Infogrames
alleycat Alley Cat 1983, Synapse
alone Alone in the Dark 1992, Infogrames
alqadim Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse 1994, SSI
ancient Challenge of the Ancient Empires 1991, Learning Company
another Another World 1992, Delphine
arcult Archon Ultra 1994, SSI
asterix Asterix: Operation Getafix 1989, Coktel Vision
bch4k Battle Chess 4000 1992, Interplay
bchess Battle Chess 1989, Interplay
blockout Block-Out 1989, California Dreams
blues2 Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure 1993, Titus
budokan Budokan: The Martial Spirit 1989, Electronic Arts
bumpy Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy 1992, Loriciel
calif2 California Games II 1993, Epyx
candc Command and Conquer 1995, Westwood-Virgin
catabyss Catacomb Abyss 1992, id-Softdisk
cdogs CyberDogs 1994, Ronny Wester
cfodder Cannon Fodder 1993, Sensible
civ Sid Meier's Civilization 1991, Microprose
coolspot Cool Spot 1994, Virgin
cosmo Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 1992, Apogee
dogfight Dogfight: 80 Years of Aerial Warfare 1993, Microprose
doom The Ultimate Doom + Star Wars Doom 1993, id
doom2 Doom II: Hell On Earth 1994, id
dott Day of the Tentacle 1993, LucasArts
ducktale DuckTales: The Quest for Gold 1990, Disney
duke1 Duke Nukem 1991, Apogee
duke2 Duke Nukem 2 1993, Apogee
dune Dune 1992, Cryo-Virgin
dune2 Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty 1992, Westwood-Virgin
dungmst2 Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of Skullkeep 1993, Interplay
dyna Dyna Blaster 1992, Hudson
eob Eye of the Beholder 1990, SSI
eob2 Eye of the Beholder II 1991, SSI
eob3 Eye of the Beholder III 1993, SSI
eszkerek Esz-kerek 1992, Babi-Szoft
extreme Extreme Pinball 1995, Electronic Arts
fifa FIFA International Soccer 1994, Electronic Arts
flashbck Flashback: The Quest for Identity 1992, Delphine
freddy Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist 1993, Sierra
fury Fury of the Furries 1993, Kalisto
gknight Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 1993, Sierra
gntlet2 Gauntlet II 1989, Atari-Mindscape
goblins Gobliiins 1991, Coktel Vision
goblins2 Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon 1992, Coktel Vision
gods Gods 1991, Bitmap Brothers
goldaxe Golden Axe 1990, Sega
gp500ii Grand Prix 500 II 1991, Microids
grndprix Grand Prix Circuit 1988, Accolade
guldkorn Guldkorn Expressen 1991, Supersoft
heroes2 Heroes of Might and Magic II 1996, NWC
heroqst Hero Quest 1991, Gremlin
homeal Home Alone 1991, Capstone
humans The Humans 1992, GameTek
immortal The Immortal 1991, Electronic Arts
indy2 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1989, Atari-Mindscape
indy3 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989, Lucasfilm Games
indy4 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 1992, LucasArts
indy500 Indianapolis 500 1989, Papyrus
ishar1 Ishar: Legend of the Fortress 1992, Silmarils
ishar2 Ishar 2: Messengers of Doom 1993, Silmarils
ishar3 Ishar 3: Seven Gates of Infinity 1994, Silmarils
jazz Jazz Jackrabbit 1994, Epic Megagames
joenmac Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja 1991, Elite
keen1 Commander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars 1990, Apogee
keen2 Commander Keen 2: The Earth Explodes 1990, Apogee
keen3 Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die! 1990, Apogee
keen4 Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle 1991, Apogee
keen5 Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine 1991, Apogee
keen6 Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Babysitter! 1991, Apogee
keend Commander Keen Lost Episode: Keen Dreams 1991, Apogee
kingq1 King's Quest 1 VGA: Quest for the Crown 1990, Sierra
kingq2 King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne 1985, Sierra
kingq3 King's Quest 3: To Heir Is Human 1986, Sierra
kingsbnt King's Bounty 1990, NWC
kyrandia Legend of Kyrandia 1992, Westwood
lamers Lamers 1992, Cocktail
larry1 Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA 1991, Sierra
larry2 Leisure Suit Larry 2 1988, Sierra
larry3 Leisure Suit Larry 3 1989, Sierra
larry5 Leisure Suit Larry 5 1991, Sierra
larry6 Leisure Suit Larry 6 1993, Sierra
legsword Legend of the Sword 1988, Silicon Soft
lem Lemmings 1991, Psygnosis
lem_ohno Oh no! More Lemmings 1991, Psygnosis
lem2 Lemmings 2: The Tribes 1993, Psygnosis
lem3 Lemmings 3: Chronicles 1994, Psygnosis
lionking The Lion King 1994, Disney-Virgin
loom Loom 1990, Lucasfilm Games
lotus3 Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge 1993, Gremlin
maniac Maniac Mansion 1987, Lucasfilm Games
mario Mario!!! 1995, Chaos Software
mathres Math Rescue 1 1992, Apogee
microm Micro Machines 1994, Codemasters
mk1 Mortal Kombat 1993, Midway
mk2 Mortal Kombat II 1994, Midway-Acclaim
mk3 Mortal Kombat 3 1995, Midway-Williams
monkey1 The Secret of Monkey Island 1990, Lucasfilm Games
monkey2 Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge 1991, Lucasfilm Games
netwars NetWars 1993, Novell
neuromnc Neuromancer 1989, Interplay
nortsout North & South 1989, Infogrames
opwolf Operation Wolf 1989, Taito
paperb2 PaperBoy 2 1991, Mindscape
pdreams2 Pinball Dreams 2 1992, 21st Century
pizza Pizza Tycoon 1994, Microprose
populous Populous 1989, Bullfrog-EA
prehist Prehistorik 1991, Titus
prehist2 Prehistorik 2 1993, Titus
prince Prince of Persia 1989, Broderbund
prince2 Prince of Persia 2 1994, Broderbund
quarntn Quarantine 1994, GameTek
rrtycoon Railroad Tycoon 1990, Microprose
scorch Scorched Earth 1995, Wendell Hicken
settlers Settlers 1994, Blue Byte
sf2 Street Fighter II 1991, Capcom
simant SimAnt 1991, Maxis
simcity SimCity 1989, Maxis
skate Skate or Die 1987, Electronic Arts
skiordie Ski or Die 1989, Electronic Arts
sokoban Soko-Ban 1984, Spectrum Holobyte
spaceq1 Space Quest 1 VGA: The Sarien Encounter 1991, Sierra
spaceq2 Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge 1987, Sierra
spaceq3 Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon 1989, Sierra
spidey The Amazing Spider-Man 1990, Paragon
ssf2 Super Street Fighter II 1993, Capcom
strod2 Street Rod 2 1989, California Dreams
stunts Stunts 1990, Broderbund
summer The Games: Summer Challenge 1991, Accolade
supaplex Supaplex 1991, Dream Factory
suprfrog Superfrog 1993, Team 17
suprmacy Supremacy 1990, Melbourne-Virgin
terep2 Terep 2: Deformers 1997, Nagymathe Denes
testdrv3 Test Drive 3: The Passion 1990, Accolade
thempark Theme Park 1994, Bullfrog-EA
tim The Incredible Machine 1993, Sierra
titus Titus the Fox 1992, Titus
ttycoon Transport Tycoon 1994, Microprose
ugh Ugh! 1992, PlayByte
ultima4 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar 1987, Origin
vikings The Lost Vikings 1992, Interplay
volfied Volfied 1991, Taito-Empire
warcrft WarCraft: Orcs and Humans 1994, Blizzard
warcrft2 WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness 1995, Blizzard
warlords Warlords 1989, SSG
winter The Games: Winter Challenge 1991, Accolade
wizrdry6 Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge 1990, Sir-Tech
wolf_sod Wolfenstein 3-D expansion: Spear of Destiny 1992, id-Apogee
wolf3d Wolfenstein 3-D 1992, id-Apogee
wordres1 Word Rescue 1 1992, Apogee
wordres2 Word Rescue 2 1992, Apogee
wordres3 Word Rescue 3 1992, Apogee
wormsp Worms+ 1995, Team 17
xcom2 X-Com 2: Terror from the Deep 1995, Microprose
xwing Star Wars: X-Wing 1993, LucasArts
zak Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders 1988, Lucasfilm Games
zool Zool 1992, Gremlin

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